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Authentically EATalian: Movement Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Kelly Masuda |
October 9, 2013 | 10:29 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Authentically EATalia partnered with CicLAvia to bring healthy Italian food to the public. (Kelly Masuda/ Neon Tommy)
Authentically EATalia partnered with CicLAvia to bring healthy Italian food to the public. (Kelly Masuda/ Neon Tommy)
Last Sunday, the smells of fragrant Italian flavors wafted through the air on Spring Street in Los Angeles.

Authentically EATalian organized an event where a variety of Italian restaurants and vendors set up food booths along the street for cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy at the CicLAvia event. Popular Italian eateries that participated were Il Fornaio Beverly Hills, Obika’ Mozerella Bar, and Pasquini Espresso. 

Authentically EATalian, a movement launched by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West, is driven to educate the public about the health benefits of eating a true Mediterranean diet like the people in Italy do. In hopes of carrying on the tradition of eating authentic Italian food, the Ministry of Economic Development, sponsors the project 

However, this movement is not just limited to the benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet, but also encourages an overall healthier lifestyle. Authentically EATalian partnered with CicLAvia to encourage people to be active. 

The cuisine that each restaurant offered was very different from one another. All were made with raw ingredients like fruits and vegetables. There were buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomato skewers, pizza, gelato, salads, and many more traditional Italian dishes. 

In addition, the Authentically EATalian representatives do many other events to make the mission of Authentically EATalian become a reality. An event was held at five different elementary schools where children learned how to eat well and cook healthy food. Also, at Naam Yoga in Los Angeles, they held a session where they discussed the positives of eating certain Italian foods.

Letizia Miccoli, Executive Director of Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West said, “It’s about how to be healthy and eat healthy with Italian food, that has been proven over time to be good for you.”

To find out more information about Authentically EATalian, click here.

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