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Backstage With Timeflies On 'Warning Signs' Tour

Christina Savan |
October 26, 2013 | 9:07 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

We went backstage with Timeflies after their "Warning Signs" concert at L.A. Live's Club Nokia. The talented duo talked about their new EP, who they hope to collaborate with next and even gave us some solid life advice. Plus, Cal dropped an exclusive USC freestyle for Neon Tommy! 

Charlie Magovern/ Neon Tommy
Charlie Magovern/ Neon Tommy

Can you describe your sound?

Rez: Honestly, we can’t. It’s really difficult.

Cal: I think you have to press play because we got some acoustic, we got some hip hop, we got some electric, we got all the flavors. You got to check it out.

Do you have any special rituals you do before hitting the stage?

Cal: I put down some scotch.

Rez: A lot of high-fiving.

Cal: This is weird I drink a protein shake before the show. I feel like it’s good for your throat. I’m not sure, no one has told me that but I feel like protein is good for your throat. We also do like…

Rez: High-fiving, friendship.

Cal: A lot of friendship, a lot of friendship in there.

Rez: A little jumping.

Cal: Yeah and then we just get out there.

Rez: We jump sometimes.

What is your favorite song off of your new "Warning Signs" EP?

Rez: For me and I think for both of us it’s probably, “I Believe.”

Cal: Yeah.

Rez: It’s the song that I feel like we’re kind of excited about and passionate about. It feels like our kind of, you know, child. Not that we’re having children but I’m just saying. It’s an exciting song and it makes me feel good and I feel like it makes our fans feel good.

Cal: And it kind of showcases what "Warning Signs" is meant to be. You know, get this and you’ll see the album that’s to come and “I Believe” is a good track to represent all that.


Is there someone you haven’t work with yet that you would like to work with?

Cal: We’ve never recorded an official song with JoJo. I don’t know if you saw her on stage tonight during that acoustic set but she’s amazing.

Rez: I was literally struggling because I was like, how can I play guitar and listen to such a great voice at the same time?

What would you say is the most valuable piece of advice you have ever gotten?

Rez: Spend less time in class. Not that anyone I know told me that but I wish somebody had. Not that I didn't enjoy class. Class is great. Study hard...but I feel like the majority of the great things that happened to Timeflies happened when we were not studying.

Cal: I don't know if you should listen to that. I would say the best advice I ever got was, swing hard in case you hit it. That's a sports metaphor but it also works in life because you never know what is actually going to be successful so you might as well put your all into something and worst case scenario, you flop off the dock but best case scenario, you crush it.  

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So when would you say you guys made that decision to swing hard?

Rez: I feel like in Timeflies at least like, not to have a moment but when I heard him freestyling I was like, “yo dog you’re nice. We’ll probably both be nice together. It’ll be sick.”

Cal: Honestly, we didn't know that this was going to happen.

Rez: We’re still shocked.

Does it still feel surreal when people come up to you?

Cal: It is because you know, we’re doing these YouTube videos and we’re hanging out in our dormroom just messing around like drinking and being total bros. Picture your stereotypical bros in college and we were doing it and he was also DJing parties so we were just making joke tracks to slip in at parties and sort of observe the crowd to see if people would keep dancing and we were just having fun with it and then we started freestyling and recording it. We started growing a fan base and then we put out Scotch Tape and our fans got it to top 10 and then put our EP at #1 on iTunes. It’s been unbelievable. Yeah, it’s surreal. I don't think…we still don’t know. We’re just riding the ride.

Christina Savan/ Infographic
Christina Savan/ Infographic

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What would you say is your most memorable fan moment?

Rez: So we definitely have some things that may be a little shocking but I feel like we enjoy all of them. 

Cal: This awesome girl, Ashley. She crosses the border from Canada to come visit us in Detriot and there was this one time,  the first time we met her we were doing a show in Detriot and she literally  was next in line at a meet and greet and just broke down crying and was like shaking. It was crazy and it was just like to see that you know that’s the age of the internet that someone so far away could be moved by something we’re doing.

Rez: We see all of your tweets and we love you.

Cal: We love you. The power of music, it’s amazing.


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Do you have any advice for someone trying to make it in the music industry?

Cal: Our biggest problem early on was we didn't put stuff out like we said we made those tracks for the party and people were like, “oh that’s dope” but we were like, “it’s not ready.” You know and we would never put anything out and you have to be proud of your work, like don't put out something that isn’t any good but you got to let it see the light of day. If you don't let something breathe then it will never have a life of its own. So I think we just have to or you just have to take a chance with it.

Why do you think you didn't put out your music at first?

Rez: we’re always like, “I can do better.” That is always true and I feel like with most of our songs now we put them out at a point were I am like this is right. Nothing when I listen to it I’m like, “oh man, I wish I could fix that” because then you got to fix that but like at the same time yeah you’re right, you have to put things out. That’s like the key put music out. At the same time, I feel like one of the things that helped both of us was like watch YouTube and listen to more music. Get involved in the stuff that you like so that you can be like, man that guy is killing it and like what do I do better than him or what sounds do I like of his that I can kind of play with at the same time and that sort of influences where music is at these days.

Cal: And we’re talking a big game but we didn't put it out. Our manager (Jared) who is sitting right over their texting on his phone, all of a sudden just sent our song to a blog and we were so p****d off.

Rez: So p****d off.

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What Blog?

Cal and Rez: Fresh New Tracks.

Rez: Shout out to Fresh New Tracks.

Cal: We love all those blogs. Shout out to all those blogs. If you want to find great music they do it for you so check them out. They do incredible stuff and there are a lot of talented people out there.

Rez: Fresh New Tracks, Good Music All Day and Camelback Music were our first three.

So your manager put out your first song and you didn’t know?

Cal: He put it out. The song didn’t even have a bridge.

Rez: No bridge and wasn't finished. I was so angry. Wack production. Man it was bad.

Cal: But then people were loving it so then we were like if they like that then...

Rez: ...Lets try another one. Three days later our first track came out, “All Night.”

Cal: “All Night”


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