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Affordable Halloween Snacks For Your Party

Kimaya Karnawat |
October 25, 2013 | 3:38 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Seeds from your pumpkins can be reusable (Photo Courtesy of Food Network).
Seeds from your pumpkins can be reusable (Photo Courtesy of Food Network).
Throwing a Halloween party, but don't want to break your budget? These recipes cut costs by using just a few ingredients, making them not only cheaper but also easier to make.

Seeds: If you're in the process of carving your pumpkins, don't discard those seeds! With just a little olive oil, spices, and twenty minutes in the oven, these seeds provide a delicious snack that is healthy, delicious, and best of all, free! They can be customized to be sweet, spicy, or salty. If you don't have time to go to the grocery store, use whatever you have on hand in your kitchen.

"Spider" Snacks: Even those with a fear of spiders will indulge in these small but delicious snacks. The pretzel sticks, peanut butter, and chocolate chips combine to create a great tasting snack that is perfect for both adult and kid themed parties.

Ghost Toasts (Photo Courtesy of womansday.com)
Ghost Toasts (Photo Courtesy of womansday.com)
Toasty Treats: Everyone will enjoy these themed toasts, which are healthier and more delicious than traditional chips. It requires only two ingredients-pita bread and spices, both of which can be found at most grocery stores. If you're unable to find a ghost shaped cookie cutter, no fear. Freehand it or choose another Halloween design, such as a pumpkin or a cat. Serve these toasts with hummus or salsa to really wow your guests!

Sweet Mash-Up: Use two types of potatoes and a pastry bag to create these mashed potato ghosts as a perfect side to any dish. Sweet potatoes are the perfect color to make miniature pumpkins, while regular mashed potatoes become ghosts. Remember to thoroughly mash the potatoes so they flow smoothly through the pastry bag.

Seasonal Sandwiches: These tombstone-shaped sandwiches will be a hit at any party, and are perfect to serve as either an appetizer or main dish. They are incredibly versatile, so feel free to customize the sandwiches based on dietary preferences and ingredient availability.

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