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10 Reasons Why Mean Girls Will Always Be Relevant

Emily Mae Czachor |
October 3, 2013 | 3:49 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

"On October third, he asked me what day it was."

"It's October third."

This fleeting interaction between Cady Heron and Aaron Samuels in Ms. Norbury's calculus class has exploded as one of the most subtly humorous moments within the Mean Girls franchise, deeming Oct. 3 National Mean Girls Day. Nearly a decade after its 2004 release, Mark Waters' timeless film continues to occupy the distinction as "the most quotable movie of all time." Its varied selection of fans find that the movie holds relevance in assorted situations in their daily life. Here are 10 reasons why Tina Fey's work of comedic brilliance will never go out of style:

1. You exercise an inordinate amount of restraint when driving friends to the mall because of the tugging temptation to caustically yell out of the car window, "Get in loser, we're going shopping!" You are perpetually tempted to peek your eyes above the rim of your sunglasses and toss your hair back as your friend approaches the vehicle; after all, you're the Barbie doll that she never had.


2. It is essentially impossible to survive a sexual education class without bursting into a fit of giggles at your teacher's mention of the word "abstinence." The concept has already been sufficiently cemented into your memory by the ever intelligent, Coach Carr: Don't have sex. Or you will get pregnant, and die. You may feel it necessary to inform your teacher that the correct spelling is not in fact "chlamydia", but "Klamydia."



3. On Wednesdays, you wear pink. Jeans and track pants hang forlorn in your closet unless it is a Friday, and you ensure that your hair is only sleeked back into a ponytail once a week. 











4. When offered a compliment about your physical attractiveness, you habitually bite your tongue, pondering the proper response. Customarily, one would respond with a blush followed by "Thank you", but you worry that the source of flattery may incorrectly assume that you agree, you think you're really pretty.


5. On a grey, rainy afternoon, you utilize your fifth sense, relying on the premonitions of your breasts to notify you that there is a thirty percent chance that it is already raining. You happily impart this fact to your friends because of the convenience with which the information is presented to you; it's like you have ESPN, or something. 


6. When slathering a chunk of butter over a piece of toast, your more reasonable side is silenced by the pestering voice in the back of your head that asks, with utter sincerity, "Is butter a carb?" 











7. The faintest mention of "Jingle Bell Rock" elicits a longing twitch in your muscles as you struggle to refrain from re-creating the Plastics' raunchy talent show routine. Christmastime is brimming with temptation, because all of your friends - and your friends' mothers - have memorized the moves as well. 


8. Upon viewing a student or faculty speech in the auditorium, you channel Damien and allow your booming voice to echo throughout the room, "She doesn't even go here!" It is most effective when this is done while sporting a purple hoodie and dark sunglasses. 


9. When perched between your closest friends at the usual lunch table, you feel as if you dominate the cafeteria. If a friend has somehow violated a glorified social rule, you suddenly shriek, "You can't sit with us!" Your reaction is completely valid, that vest is disgusting. 


10. Raise your hand, because you, as well as each of your peers, parents, and academic instructors have, at one time or another, felt personally victimized by Regina George.










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