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This Week’s Must Listen Playlist: Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, And More

Jillian Morabito |
September 21, 2013 | 7:04 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Every other week, Staff Reporter Jillian Morabito showcases some of the tunes you should be tuning in to. Here are her picks for your new Must Listen Playlist:

“I Come Apart” by A$AP Rocky and Florence Welch 

This track could be easily overlooked if it wasn’t for Florence’s innocent, yet commanding refrain. The lyrics are rather self-deprecating, but A$AP’s gritty rapping combined with Welch’s melodic harmonies make for this underrated jam. 

“Arabella” by Arctic Monkeys

This song has a tone that literally ties you in with the beat and guitar rifts -- it’s nothing like the Monkeys have done before. The swanky rhythm of this song is nothing short of perfect and is a standout track on their new CD, “AM.” Boy are we happy these men are back. 

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“Everlasting Arms” by Vampire Weekend

Speaking of new albums, Vampire Weekend’s relatively new masterpiece has enough material to keep you jamming for whatever mood you’re in. “Everlasting Arms” is a particularly sweet choice; the song was even inspired by a hymn from 1887. The band comes to the Hollywood Bowl next Saturday.

“Don’t Look Down” by Alex Bleeker & The Freaks

If you’re looking for a pickup song after a break up, be sure to listen to this song. It reminds you not to look back on a finished relationship and overanalyze. Just be “strangers on a train” and move on with your life! Alex Bleeker & the Freaks are playing at The Satellite on October 10th. 

“These Are the Days” by Van Morrison

Very few songs simply renew you at first listen -- “These Are the Days” is one of them. The lyrics encompass feelings of gratitude and living for the present (“There’s no past, there’s only future”). However, the ultimate line of the song is: “These are the days that will last forever, you’ve got to hold them in your heart.” Don’t you just want to sew it on pillows? This song is also iconic for being featured in the movie “9 Months” with Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore. If you're not familiar with Morrison, you owe it to yourself to fix that. 

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