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Emmys 2013: Stars Attend Pre-Emmy Celebration

Sarah Zahedi |
September 22, 2013 | 8:33 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Inside GBK's Pre-Emmy Party (Sarah Zahedi)
Inside GBK's Pre-Emmy Party (Sarah Zahedi)
As the 2013 Emmy Awards Ceremony approaches on Sunday, September 22, several nominated actors and actresses are taking part in pre-Emmy festivities. Stars including "Friends"' Matt LeBlanc, "Mad Men"’s Lindsay Cardellini and "Modern Family"’s Ed O’Neill attended luxury style and special events company GBK’s annual pre-Emmy gifting lounge on Friday, September 20 at the W Hotel to pick up free gifts handed out by food, clothing and nonprofit company owners and representatives. 

"Parks and Recreation" actor Jim O’Heir said he enjoyed being a guest at the event. 

“Who doesn’t like getting amazing free things?” O’Heir said. 

O’Heir also expressed his excitement for the awards ceremony, rooting for co-star Amy Poehler to win the award for greatest actress in a comedy. 

“I want Amy to win that more than anything,” O’Heir said. 

"Veep"’s Matt Walsh said he was hoping to see his favorite celebrities win awards at the ceremony.

“I’m really hoping to meet Brian Cranston,” Walsh said. “He’s really great and I would like to see him win an award or two for his show.”

With vendors from companies and organizations like Lovely Candy, Ike’s Sandwiches, Tidy Cats, Kiss Products and Guard a Heart displaying their excitement for visiting actors and actresses to learn about their products, "Camp"’s Tim Pocock said he was grateful to be invited to the gifting lounge. 

“I feel great support from the community here,” Pocock said. 

"Sex and the City"’s Willie Garson also said he liked getting to know the vendors at GBK’s party. 

“It’s wonderful to see all these new, innovative products that a lot of us wouldn’t normally come into contact with,” Garson said. 

As they gathered gifts from company owners and representatives, Pocock and Garson also noted they were looking forward to celebrating their profession with other invited actors at the Emmys. 

“What’s great about the Emmys is that it brings together actors and producers from all shows,” Pocock said. “We get to salute each other for the work that we do.”

Garson similarly called the Emmys a celebration of actors’ and producer’s professions. 

“It doesn’t matter who wins or who gets nominated,” Garson said. “It’s all about celebrating what we do for a living and that’s really special.”

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