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Texas Appeals Court Reverses Tom DeLay Conviction

Lizzie Pereira |
September 19, 2013 | 11:35 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Tom Delay on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2009. Photo courtesy of ABC
Tom Delay on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2009. Photo courtesy of ABC
A Texas Court of Appeals overturned the conviction of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) early Thursday morning.

DeLay had previously been sentenced to three years in prison after being found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering in 2010. 

However, according to the appeals court documents the evidence in the case was “legally insufficient to sustain DeLay’s convictions.” DeLay was thus formally acquitted and all charges have been reversed.

DeLay resigned from his leadership position in 2005 and from Congress in 2006. But in 2010, DeLay faced accusations of funneling corporate money to Texas candidates during the 2002 midterm elections after a branch of the Republcan National Committee (RNC) received a check for $190,000 in corporate money. The RNC then gave that same amount to seven Texas state legislature candidates. By Texas law, it is illegal to give corporate money directly to political campaigns. 

After appealing his sentence the appeals court determined that “the evidence shows that the defendants were attempting to comply with the election code limitations on corporate distributions.” DeLay remained free throughout the appeal process. 

Upon hearing the overturned ruling, DeLay’s attorney, Brian Wice, told The Associated Press and KHOU News, “He’s ecstatic. He’s gratified. He’s a little bit numb. I’m hoping with today’s victory he will be able to resume his life as he once knew it.”

DeLay appeared as a cast member on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" in 2009. Check out one of his performances.


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