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'Suits' Season 3 Finale Recap

Tara Paboojian |
September 18, 2013 | 12:50 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

"Stay" Harvey and Scottie. (Photo courtesy of USA Networks)
"Stay" Harvey and Scottie. (Photo courtesy of USA Networks)
Well Suitors, it's about that time again, the "Suits" summer finale is upon us. It came much too soon but with nine "Lit-tastic" episodes already behind us, the season 3 mid-season finale did not disappoint. Semi heart-felt talks, Travis Tanner, and law school decisions wrap up this half of the season.

So far this season, our favorite law firm has been under constant attack and this week proves to be no different. With old friends-slash-enemies popping up all over the place, "Stay," ties up some of the character's lose ends.

Thus, we tackle each of the characters in turn.

Mike (Patrick J. Adams)

Last week left "Machel" (Mike and Rachel, DUH) shippers in a state of distress! A bomb was dropped at the end of the episode that Rachel got into Stanford, meaning she could be leaving Mike for three whole years of law school- Eek! The thought of this did not settle well with Mike. Spending the first half of the episode as a total tool, Mike flat out tells Rachel her going to Stanford most likely means their relationship is over. Talk about negativity! 

In his true time of need, Mike goes to Harvey for a early morning heart to heart over breakfast. But, for the first time, Mike realizes the great Harvey Specter doesn't have all the answers, especially when it comes to relationships. Their candid conversation turns out to be one of my favorite scenes in this episode!  Thankfully, Mike decides to let Rachel make the decision where to attend law school on her own. Good boy Michael. 

However, if long distance doesn't break our favorite couple up, it looks like Jessica might. The managing partner is not pleased to find out Mike has spilled his "I'm a fraud" beans to Robert Zane's daughter. She gives Mike an affidavit for Rachel to sign otherwise he is fired!


Harvey (Gabriel Macht) 

This week, the cold-hearted Harvey we know and loved was replaced by a Harvey that says… "I'm sorry." That's right suitors, in this episode, Harvey makes some big decisions about the future of the firm and his personal life that have him asking for forgiveness. With Ava Hessington suing Pearson Darby Specter (talk about a mouth-full) for malpractice, Harvey needs to convince Scottie, his ex-flame, to follow through with the merger dissolution and tell Ava to blame Darby- not them. But being the stubborn woman she is, Scottie refuses to abandon Darby International for Harvey's firm when they constantly are screwing her over. Can't say we blame her. To make matters worse for poor Harv, his arch nemesis Travis Tanner has conveniently been hired as Ava's new legal counsel. We all know the effect Tanner has on Harvey and Harvey cannot bare to see Tanner bring Scottie into his dirty games. 

With the help of Donna, Harvey is able to end the malpractice suit and defeat Travis Tanner yet again. All he has to do next is square things up with Scottie. Over a romantic dinner cooked by Mr. Specter himself, Harvey finally tells Scottie what she has been wanting to hear since Season 1. "I want you in my life Scottie." Swoon.

Now we are left to see how their relationship will play over the rest of the season, and if Scottie will accept Harvey's offer to join Pearson Specter.

Louis (Rick Hoffman)

Over the past few episodes, Louis Lit has been at his prime. From his cat situation with Nigel to coining my new favorite catch phrase, "This is Lit-tastic," Louis continued to shine this week. 

Reunited with the quirky Harvard recruiter Sheila Sass, Louis is given the opportunity to be exclusive with Sheila yet misses. He tries to make up for his misunderstanding by professing his commitment to her in the Harvard Law School file room. Sheila steps out for a random reason and Louis is left all alone. Where they keep records of all the students. Get where they're going with this? Mike has no file people! Agh! 

But hey, what's a "Suits" finale without a "someone discovers Mike's secret" cliffhanger right? Looks like Mr. Lit might finally be let into the loop. But will he use this knowledge for good or evil? If you're like me, your praying for good! 

Donna (Sarah Rafferty)

Donna is awesome, as usual. When her jailed ex-BF Stephen Huntley claims that Scottie knew everything about the Hessington Oil murders, Donna steps in and saves the day. She has a total BA moment as she tricks Stephen into confessing that he fabricated the affidavit that incriminates Scottie. Let's just say never, ever, underestimate Donna Paulsen people. She rocks.

Rachel (Meghan Markle) 

Now that Jessica knows about her relationship with Mike, Rachel has some more choices to make. (Didn't she have enough already?) 

She could sign an affidavit admitting she knew Mike was a fraud; just incase she ever spills the beans. Or, not sign which would result in Mike getting fired from the firm. Rachel decides to do what Daddy taught her and strike a deal. She will sign the affidavit if Jessica breaks the Harvard graduates-only rule for employment at Pearson Specter. You go girl!  In the final minutes, Rachel's law school decision is revealed. Columbia. 

 Hallelujah! Rachel and Mike can now stay together and weather the storm Louis is no doubt about to bring in the rest of the season. 

Overall, this mid-season finale of "Suits" wrapped up a lot of change and cleared the way for the next big thing. The episode takes care of business and leaves audiences excited for whats ahead. Sadly, we've got a long await ahead Suitors. "Suits" season 3.5 picks back up in the Spring so stick around. We hear Michael Phelps is in our future… 

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