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A Sneak Peek At The Fifth Season of 'The Vampire Diaries'

Alex Reed |
October 3, 2013 | 10:51 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Facebook, The Vampire Diaries)
(Facebook, The Vampire Diaries)
Vampires, and werewolves, and doppelgangers, oh my! On October 3rd, "The Vampire Diaries" is back, and not a moment too soon.

Because a full synopsis of the season 4 finale would require a short novel, here is an oversimplified list of the most important things to remember from the end of last season:

  1. Damon and Elena are (finally) officially together.
  2. Katherine becomes a human after Elena forcibly gives her the cure to vampirism.
  3. Bonnie died when she brought Jeremy back from the dead, but Jeremy, who is alive and can now see ghosts, is the only one that knows.
  4. Klaus tells Caroline that Tyler is free to return to Mystic Falls. Tyler may be Caroline’s first love, but Klaus aims to be her last. Cue the swooning.
  5. Stefan is revealed as villain Silas’s doppelganger, and is thrown into a quarry in a locked safe by that same villain.

Now that we’ve all relived our shock, here’s what we can look forward to in season 5:

Caroline and Elena are headed to college! The first episode, titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” skips ahead to move-in day, filling in the blanks from the previous summer as the season progresses.

Both Elena and Caroline will be attending Whitmore College, just a hop, skip and a jump outside of Mystic Falls. And with new scenery, comes new faces.

1. Jesse (played by Kendrick Sampson)

A fellow student at Whitmore, Jesse seems like your average, human boy, but nothing is ever that simple. In addition to being a part of a much larger mystery this season, he develops a crush on Caroline, who will continue to hold out for her absentee boyfriend Tyler.

2. Dr. Wes Maxfield (played by Rick Cosnett)

Elena and Caroline are quick to suspect that their handsome microbiology professor may have a few secrets, especially given their history with another Whitmore professor (enter Shane from season 4). Though he catches on to their scheming immediately, there is definitely more to his story.

3. Aaron (played by Shaun Sipos)

He and Elena become very good friends at Whitmore, bonding over their almost equally tragic pasts.  However, their friendship does not go unnoticed by one soon-to-be jealous boyfriend. (Perhaps the source of our new couple’s first fight?)

As for Mystic Falls, Caroline and Elena's departure has left room for several new characters to take up residence, and no doubt, stir up some trouble. 

1. Nadia (played by Olga Fonda)

Though her purpose has yet to be determined, we do know that she followed Matt home from his very eventful summer in Europe with Rebekah.

2. Tessa (played by Janina Gavankar)

All we know about her is that she comes to Mystic Falls to revisit a past relationship. With whom? Why? We will find out when she is introduced in episode 3.

3. Silas (played by Paul Wesley)

Though the 2,000 year old immortal is not new to Mystic Falls, this is the first time we are seeing him in his true form. His resemblance to Stefan is sure to ruffle a few feathers, namely Damon’s, as Silas’ reason for staying in town remains to be seen.

As for some of our other veteran characters, we will get to see how Katherine is adjusting to life as a human. She will return to Mystic Falls, and more specifically, the Salvatore residence.

Though he is sitting at the bottom of a quarry for a while, Stefan will also return, but he won't be the same Stefan we have come to know.

“He has all these weird dreams and visions, and when he gets out, it’s almost like PTSD,” Paul Wesley told Entertainment Weekly.

Unfortunately, Klaus, Rebekah and the rest of the Original vampires have all traded Mystic Falls for New Orleans. But, fear not, Klaroline fans! Though Joseph Morgan is headed to a different night of the week and a new city to star in the New Orleans-based spin-off “The Originals,” the epic love story between Klaus and Caroline is by no means over.

“I think that there are a lot of complicated elements that go into trying to make this happen, but I’ve talked about it with Candice and I’ve talked about it with Joseph,” Executive Producer Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly. “There’s a million logistics to work out and you never know, but it’s something we’d like to do and hope to do.”

On a more dismal note, this season also promises the same tragedy we’ve grown to expect.

“I think we’ve got some juicy villains that need some vanquishing and there’s always a possibility that one of our beloved heroes will kick the bucket,” said Plec. “When, who, or how, I’ll never tell, but it’s definitely in the cards.”

Though season 5 promises all new characters, settings and plot twists, very few shows with teenage characters have been successful in their transition from high school to college. However, Plec said she isn’t worried.

“It’s so fun because you have this whole fresh new story at college, in the midst of which Damon has to show up there to solve a problem or Elena has to rush home to solve a problem or Caroline comes home for a holiday, so I think that we will have conquered the college curse pretty well.”

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