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Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal Capture US Open Titles

Camille Requiestas |
September 10, 2013 | 9:35 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer


Williams won her fifth US Open title Sunday night. (Kat Shann/Creative Commons)
Williams won her fifth US Open title Sunday night. (Kat Shann/Creative Commons)
The U.S. Open finals took place this weekend and both were extremely close and well fought matches for the men’s and women’s singles titles. All competitors know what it feels like to be number one in the world but only one man and one woman can win the trophy for the biggest tennis tournament in the nation. 

American tennis player Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka from Russia split sets in their match Sunday. Williams, who has seemed invincible since the 2012 Olympics, dominated for most of the U.S. Open until the final match. 

Williams played on point in the first set, coming in and being aggressive. She was able to serve the set out and won with a score of 7-5. In the second set, however, Azarenka played extremely well and challenged Williams to a third set by forcing a tiebreaker and winning, 7-6 (8-6). But then the queen of tennis reminded us why she is number one in the world, besting Azarenka in the final set by a landslide, 6-1. 

Williams was ecstatic as she jumped up and down in triumph and then walked over to Azarenka to graciously give her a hug. This win gave her a fifth U.S. Open and 17th Grand Slam title.

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The men’s singles final concluded in a four-set match between Rafael Nadal of Spain and Novak Djokovic from Serbia. 

Nadal took the lead in the first set winning with a score of 6-2. The second set posed more challenges for the Spanish player as Djokovic stepped up his game. Djokovic was smarter and more aggressive in the second, but Nadal would not back down. They battled it out in a 54-shot rally that ended when Nadal hit the last shot to the net. It was the longest rally in the entire tournament. 

The third set was intense, but Nadal pushed through, winning two break points and finishing the set with a score of 6-4. He continued to run with that momentum and beat Djokovic 6-1 in the fourth. 

Crowds roared in satisfaction for a match well fought by both competitors as Nadal shed tears of joy. This was his 13th Grand Slam title and it looks like he is not going to stop there. 


This 2013 U.S. Open was filled with excitement and tension, tears of joy and tears of frustration, which revealed the drama and the emotional roller-coaster of a great tennis tournament. 

The greats compete against the greats and only one can have the satisfaction of holding the trophy. This year, Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal earned that right by no easy means. 

For tennis fans around the world, the drama and adrenaline will have to wait until next year in Australia. 


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