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Ramen Burger Sparks New Food Hybrid

Natalie Milian |
September 17, 2013 | 6:38 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The ramen burger is the new food trend (ManEatManila / Flickr).
The ramen burger is the new food trend (ManEatManila / Flickr).
Over the summer, we saw the trend of topping a burger with a pretzel bun instead of a boring, sesame seed one. Now, the latest craze is the ramen burger.

After its debut at Smorgasburg, a flea food market in Brooklyn, New York, the ramen burger headed west with an appearance at the Mitsuwa Market in Torrance, Calif. on Sept. 7. More than 1,000 people stood in line to sample the burger, according to The L.A. Times

The ramen burger is a unique concoction invented by Chef Keizo Shimamoto. The burger is made with ingredients seen in any gourmet burger, including: a prime beef patty that's cooked medium-rare to well-done; a "secret" shoyu sauce; arugula; and scallions. The twist comes when the traditional bread bun is replaced with a rounded patty composed of ramen noodles, which is grilled to create a taste unlike any other.

"The juices from the patty soak into the ramen noodles and it resembles a ramen soup," Shimamoto told The Daily Beast, regarding his creation. Angelenos who have been lucky to try the ramen burger said that it was definitely unlike any other burger they had tasted. 

Currently, the ramen burger is not a regular menu item at any restaurant, but is a "pop up" kind of dish that many now have on their foodie radars. To stay up to date with all ramen burger-related news, visit the ramen burger's Facebook page (which was created by Shimamoto, of course). 

Curious to make your own ramen burger? Check out this tutorial

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