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Orange Really Is The New Black

Beatrice Verhoeven |
September 29, 2013 | 3:42 p.m. PDT

Fashion Writer

Screenshot of Rebecca Minkoff's orange satchel (Elle.com)
Screenshot of Rebecca Minkoff's orange satchel (Elle.com)
With pretty much all of the Fashion Weeks coming to a close, a lot of new trends are now on our minds. Coral has been on our nails, lips and dresses, and with fall upon us, the coral is not disappearing but slowly transitioning into orange. Just in time for Halloween, it's all in for orange.

With the smashing success of the original Netflix series "Orange Is The New Black," it's no surprise many people actually do think orange is the new black. 

Coral and neon orange hues are definitely spring colors. For fall, a darker orange (similar to a pumpkin color) is the way to go to stick with fall colors but still brighten up your look. At New York Fashion Week, my favorite orange looks included DKNY's fluffed dress and Rebecca Minkoff's gorgeous satchel with studs on it. NYFW showed that orange can be on anything; stylists even decided to put little hues of orange on the models' lips and eyes. 

That being said, orange might not always look good on everyone. There are cliché's that orange "washes out" blondes, or looks too "emo" on brunettes. The truth is, it's all just personal opinion. Whether orange looks good on you or not is all up to you, the material and the style of the clothing piece. So don't limit yourself to the style Do's and Dont's out there, because your skin and hair color and body shape are truly unique to you. The best advice I can give: if you want to try on an orange piece of clothing, then do so. Don't think ahead and assume it won't look good--you might just be surprised. 

However, there's one thing you should never do: pair orange with black. That color combination should only be reserved for Halloween. And the following goes without saying: it seems pretty clear that you should never wear head-to-toe orange.

 Dark jeans, a white tee and an orange accent. (Beatrice Verhoeven/Neon Tommy)
Dark jeans, a white tee and an orange accent. (Beatrice Verhoeven/Neon Tommy)

If you're still not convinced about the beauty of orange, start small. I started with an orange pedicure because I didn't know whether it would look good with my complexion. I loved the way it looked, so I started to buy orange clothing items. You can also start with a simple orange scarf or shoes and go from there. If you like it, you can incorporate more orange clothing items and it won't be too big of a transition. 

Here's a simple outfit suggestion:a pair of your favorite dark skinny jeans, a white tee and an orange accent. This can be a pair of orange sandals, or a nice, chunky orange necklace. Three perfect hues of orange this fall are: Blood Orange, Pumpkin and Marigold. Blood orange is the perfect shade between bright orange and dark red so it's a very warm, fall color. Pumpkin is best worn with shades of beige, whereas marigold looks amazing with dark blue. 

Here are some great orange pieces, perfect for fall.

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