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NFL Week 2 Predictions

Christopher Coppock, Law Murray, Russell Simon, David Tobia, Matthew Tufts |
September 12, 2013 | 12:53 p.m. PDT

Sports Staff

Tom Brady will be without much of his offensive firepower Thursday night. (Wikimedia Commons)
Tom Brady will be without much of his offensive firepower Thursday night. (Wikimedia Commons)
New York Jets (1-0) @ New England Patriots (1-0)

Christopher Coppock: Patriots 20, Jets 13

Even though the Patriots will be lacking Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski and Shane Vereen, they will still have more than enough to overcome the Jets on Thursday night. The Jets will put up a fight, however, thanks to their new quarterback Geno Smith. Sure, the Jets somehow managed to beat Tampa Bay last weekend, but that was week one. Week one, as we all know, is weird. This week won't be weird, as the Patriots will overcome the Jets in Foxborough.  

Law Murray: Patriots 19, Jets 13

The Patriots' offense is at its most vulnerable since 2006, the last time Patriots QB Tom Brady didn't have Randy Moss, Wes Welker, or Aaron Hernandez. It's a short week and the Patriots will be without RB Shane Vereen, WR Danny Amendola, and TE Rob Gronkowski. Plus, RB Stevan Ridley's ball security issues popped up again, while rookies WR Kenbrell Thompkins and TE Zach Sudfeld were mistake-prone. But the Patriots are home and facing a rookie QB (Geno Smith) in his first road start. It's hard to see Smith being optimally prepared to face a Belichick-coached defense.

Russell Simon: Jets 20, Patriots 14

Don’t laugh. Perhaps it seems farcical that a team that needed a miracle late hit out of bounds in the final seconds to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could prevail in Foxborough.  Last week's episode showed that the Patriots are far from the vaunted dynasty they used to be. The Pats needed a last second comeback to beat the lowly Bills, a team that is improving, but is not as good as the Jets are right now. Despite the non-stop hysteria surrounding Gang Green, they have a very good defense and a quarterback who can make plays in Geno Smith. New England is banged up, TE Rob Gronkowski is out and WR Danny Amendola may not play. The Jets will take advantage of this and win.

David Tobia: Patriots 24, Jets 17

The Patriots were 11-20 on third down conversions last week. Seven of the 11 conversions were passes to Danny Amendola. With the Jets focused on stopping Amendola, look for Zach Sudfeld and Kenbrell Thompkins to have larger impacts this week.

Matthew Tufts: Patriots 27, Jets 14

Rex Ryan's squad has momentum (if you can call beating Tampa Bay momentum) and Brady's favorite targets from the Patriots' Week 1 win over the Bills are out. If there is a time for the Jets to make amends for "The Butt Fumble" game, it's Thursday night. Unfortunately for Ryan and Co., WR Julian Edelman will have a monster night and make the Foxboro faithful forget about Wes Welker.

With a little bit of Luck, the Colts may start the season 2-0. (Carlo Franco/Flickr)
With a little bit of Luck, the Colts may start the season 2-0. (Carlo Franco/Flickr)
Miami Dolphins (1-0) @ Indianapolis Colts (1-0)

Coppock: Colts 27, Dolphins 24

This may well be the hardest game of the week to pick, as both Indy and Miami were mildly convincing their week one wins against Oakland and Cleveland, respectively. This game, however, probably won't be worth much in terms of viewing quality, as neither team has a particular identity. Both teams pass reasonably well, and both can run the ball. I'm picking the Colts because they're at home. Simple as that.

Murray: Colts 23, Dolphins 20 

The Colts beat the Dolphins by this same score in Indianapolis last November, and I think the teams are going to play another close one on Sunday. If the Colts had trouble protecting QB Andrew Luck against the Raiders, just wait until they have to block up Miami's front seven. Luck's only career 400+-yard performance came against the Dolphins last year, and the Colts will probably have to rely on Luck's arm to move the ball once again. Miami has to do a much better job running the ball in Indianapolis than they did against the Browns last week (20 yards on 23 attempts).

Simon: Colts 23, Dolphins 13

Miami looked solid in a 23-10 curb stomping of the lowly Cleveland Browns last week. Andrew Luck is a whole different animal than Brandon Weeden though. Expect Luck to have another solid game and that alone should be enough to beat a mediocre Dolphins squad. 

Tobia: Dolphins 23, Colts 13

Colts' left tackle Anthony Castonzo allowed five QB hurries and one sack against the Raiders. The Dolphins hurried Brandon Weeden 19 times and sacked him six times. The Browns' offensive line is much better than the Colts' offensive line. Andrew Luck is not going to enjoy playing this game.

Tufts: Colts 23, Dolphins 14

Miami did well holding RB Trent Richardson to under 50 yards in Week 1. However, they also gave up nearly 300 yards to QB Brandon Weeden. They'll face a significantly better quarterback in Andrew Luck on Sunday. The game is also being played in Lucas Oil Stadium. Sorry Miami, you're not going to match the '72 Dolphins this year.

Andy Reid will be making his Arrowhead debut against America's Team. (Rourke Douglas Decker/Creative Commons)
Andy Reid will be making his Arrowhead debut against America's Team. (Rourke Douglas Decker/Creative Commons)
Dallas Cowboys (1-0) @ Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)

Coppock: Cowboys 24, Chiefs 17

Last week Kansas City throttled Jacksonville in a smack down no one really expected. It remains to be seen however, whether this was because the Chiefs are actually talented or because the Jags are simply that bad. Meanwhile, Dallas overcame a solid Giants team by forcing a ridiculous number of turnovers and holding on when New York threatened a comeback late in the fourth. I remain confident in America's Team, however, and am thus picking the Cowboys.

Murray: Chiefs 23, Cowboys 21 

The Cowboys are coming into hostile territory for the Chiefs' home opener, and new Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is familiar with the Cowboys, so it won't be just any inter-conference game. The last time the Cowboys played in Kansas City, WR Miles Austin went off for 250 receiving yards and pretty much ended Maurice Leggett's career. The matchup to watch will be the aggressive front seven of the Chiefs against the Cowboys' offensive line. OLBs Tamba Hali and Justin Houston and NT Dontari Poe are all coming off of dominant performances in Jacksonville, while the Cowboys were dangerously pass-heavy against the Giants. Look for the Chiefs to feature RB Jamaal Charles and keep their mistakes to a minimum.

Simon: Cowboys 31, Chiefs 10

If you beat the Jaguars and no one is there to see it, does the game even count? Apparently so, because the Chiefs are now 1-0 after beating Jacksonville 28-2. The Chiefs' one game win streak will come to an end this weekend however, when they take on a Cowboys team that looked very good in a home victory over the Giants. Expect big games for Tony Romo and the rest of the Cowboys offense. 

Tobia: Chiefs 27, Cowboys 20

Dallas was +5 in turnover margin against the Giants and beat them by five points. That's pathetic. Once you hit +3, your turnover margin should not match your winning margin.

Tufts: Cowboys 31, Chiefs 17

It's only September. This is when the Cowboys make us all believe in America's Team. The Chiefs dominated in Week 1, but to be fair, it was Jacksonville. The Cowboys defense looked significantly improved in Week 1 and RB DeMarco Murray may have just discovered the 'Boys' long lost rushing attack.

The Brothers Manning will meet for the first time with Peyton in a Broncos uniform. (Laurence Brown/Flickr)
The Brothers Manning will meet for the first time with Peyton in a Broncos uniform. (Laurence Brown/Flickr)
Denver Broncos (1-0) @ New York Giants (0-1)

Coppock: Broncos 36, Giants 14

Denver absolutely slaughtered Baltimore in a game that many people thought would be decently close. Peyton Manning threw a record tying seven touchdowns and basically made the Ravens defense look like a bunch of school children. As for New York, their inability to hold on the ball will likely continue this week, and as a result the Broncos will blow out the Giants. 

Murray: Broncos 35, Giants 28

Luckily for the Giants, this game is in their building instead of the altitude in Denver. Unfortunately for the Giants, their sorry secondary is probably going to get lit up anyway. Both teams seem like they don't have a stable rushing attack, so it will be bombs away for the Manning brothers. Eli could very well throw four TD passes and lose - like last week in Dallas. The Giants' turnover issues in that game were embarrassing; needless to say, they'll be in trouble if they lose the turnover battle to Denver (which they will, at least partly due to their untrustworthy offensive backfield).

Simon: Broncos 38, Giants 31

Peyton Manning threw for a historic seven touchdowns last week in a win over Baltimore. Eli Manning threw three picks in a very disappointing loss to the Cowboys. The Broncos look like they are firing on all cylinders. Peyton Manning has no shortage of targets to throw to and this will be way too much to handle for a Giants D that was exposed early by Tony Romo. 

Tobia: Giants 31, Broncos 27

Manning Bowl! Peyton v. Eli! Who will win this time?! Other stupid media stuff! Shoot me now!

Tufts: Broncos 38, Giants 17

From interviews, you'd gather that Peyton has never taken anything easy on his younger brother; this game will not be any different. When the Broncos come rolling into the Meadowlands, Peyton will pick up where he left off last week. Denver's offensive arsenal is out of New York's (and most of the NFL's) league. Don't expect this to be close.

Russell Wilson gets his first look at his fiesty division rivals. (Wikimedia Commons)
Russell Wilson gets his first look at his fiesty division rivals. (Wikimedia Commons)
San Francisco 49ers (1-0) @ Seattle Seahawks (1-0)

Coppock: Seahawks 24, 49ers 20

This will be one of the games of the year. Mark it down in your calendar and don't miss it. If you're going on a date, cancel it for your own sake, because this game only happens twice a year. Both teams have powerful, multifaceted offenses backed up by strong defenses, and both teams will likely be fighting tooth and nail for a birth in the Super Bowl come January. This game is very hard to pick, so I'm going with the 12th man. Seattle has the loudest stadium in the country, and that will be the difference in this game. 

Murray: Seahawks 24, 49ers 23

Last time these two teams met up, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and WR Doug Baldwin put 49ers CB Carlos Rogers in a clown suit. 49ers DE Justin Smith is back, so I don't expect Seattle to put up a 40-burger again, but it might not be enough for the 49ers to go up north and knock off the Seahawks. San Francisco should get off to a better start by running right at the Seahawks. Both defenses are highly regarded, but Seattle isn't great against the run, while the 49ers can be beaten in the air. This game could be a "last QB with the ball wins" scenario.

Simon: Seahawks 24, 49ers 23

For an early season game, it does not get any bigger then this. Both of these teams have Super Bowl expectations and this is the kind of game that could have major implications in the NFC West over the course of the season. Colin Kaepernick played brilliantly against Green Bay, throwing for 412 yards and three touchdowns. Seattle struggled to beat Carolina, 12-7. However Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks offense will step up in a big way for this huge game. Playing in front of a rabid home crowd, I expect Seattle to get the win. 

Tobia: 49ers 17, Seahawks 16

The Panthers have an underrated defense, but the Seahawks were only able to score 12 points. 12 points isn't going to get the job done against the 49ers. If either team scores more than 20 they are going to win. I don't think either team gets there.

Tufts: 49ers 24, Seahawks 20

This could be one of the best games of the year. The Seattle crowd will be electric. Both young quarterbacks proved their worth last year and the two teams tout two of the best defenses in the league. One play will likely decide the game, and if there's a player to do that, it's QB Colin Kaepernick.


Standings After Week 1

Christopher Coppock 4-1

Law Murray 3-2

Russell Simon 3-2

David Tobia 3-2

Matthew Tufts 3-2



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