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Hervé Léger's NYFW Runway Focuses On Leather And Zippers

Beatrice Verhoeven |
September 7, 2013 | 1:23 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Hervé Léger runway (@StyleWriterNYC)
Hervé Léger runway (@StyleWriterNYC)

Leather, gold zippers, peplum and symmetrical prints: the words that describe the Hervé Léger show at the New York Fashion Week.

Sticking with the minimalist, “wet look” hairstyle, the designer strayed away from the usual tight and short dresses that the brand is known for. Almost every model was adorned with a combination of black and white, whether it was a black and gold zippered leather jacket, a zipped-up white dress, or a leather onesie. The first half of the show veered towards neutral colors with gilded accents, ranging from gold belts to gold zippers. Not to mention the simplistic-yet-gorgeous gold accented ankle strap shoes that every model wore. 

While Hervé Léger’s famous “bodycon” dresses dominated most of its previous runways, this time it seemed like Max Azria’s new creations wanted to draw attention to the waistline: leather peplum poofed out of most dresses, or black bodices decked the somewhat simple dress underneath it. But eyes often veered to the bared waist and the bared shoulders, still sneakily staying true to the revealing nature of Hervé Léger’s collections.

The show took an interesting turn halfway through, revealing the new line to consist of tribal and symmetric prints. Bidding goodbye to the simple and neutral colors the audience saw at the beginning of the show, Azria now revealed colored prints, more frills and more décolleté. The tight, fun dresses that everyone has come to know from the brand resurfaced with the blue and pink dresses that we see near the end of the show. And who could forget to mention the beautiful swimsuits and the breathtaking clutches?

Hervé Léger finished the show displaying a white flowy dress decorated with silver sequins. Once again, the designer dismissed the usual “sex appeal” dresses and opted for a more sophisticated look. A very refreshing change for Hervé Léger, seen at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week – Spring 2013. 

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