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iPhone 5S To Be Released In September

Benjamin Li |
September 4, 2013 | 9:29 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Apple's formal invitation to the Sep. 10th press announcement. (Flickr Creative Commons/hassanhassanine)
Apple's formal invitation to the Sep. 10th press announcement. (Flickr Creative Commons/hassanhassanine)
If the industry rumors are true, Apple will be announcing its newest iPhone additions to the market this Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Tech journalists and various media outlets received an event invitation to an Apple press release this Wednesday.

The invitation simply reads: “This should brighten everyone’s day.”

The newest iPhone 5S is rumored to improve on its predecessor with a better camera, faster processor and slightly different tech specs and features all in the same iconic iPhone 5 shell.

The iPhone 5S may also include a built-in fingerprint sensor that recognizes unique print patterns on each individual user.

Although most industry insiders have already chalked it up to the release of the newest iPhone 5, there are also rumors circulating about a low-budget Apple smartphone dubbed the iPhone 5C.

Rumors surfaced months ago claiming Apple was working with manufacturers in Asia on less-expensive iPhones that have non-metal casings as opposed to the higher-quality metal ones Apple users have become accustomed to.

The iPhone 5C is projected to have a smaller screen, with a casing made of polycarbonate rather than aluminum and toughened glass.

According to the Wall Street Journal, analysts and factory insiders claim that the cheaper iPhone 5C is Apple’s attempt to rebound its momentum after being slowed down by tough competition from Samsung and other smartphones using Android software.

Apple’s press release seems to also be a part of this strategy, coming only hours after competitor Microsoft announced it plans to buy Nokia for around $7.2 billion.


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