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Blowout Lululemon Warehouse Sale At The LA Convention Center

Gigi Gastevich |
September 13, 2013 | 5:34 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

A line of Lululemon water bottles and yoga mats. Lululemon, Flickr.
A line of Lululemon water bottles and yoga mats. Lululemon, Flickr.
The phrases “happening downtown Los Angeles party” and “crack of dawn on a Saturday morning” usually don’t go hand in hand, but in this case they do. Oh, they do.

Lululemon Athletica is a workout clothes retailer best known for their yoga mats and status-symbol hoodies and leggings. Their pieces fit well and look great, but unfortunately my Lululemon wardrobe has so far been limited to two items--I can’t seem to justify dropping $82 on a pair of Wunder Under leggings when Target has similar ones for $12.49 and also, Oreos. 

That’s all going to change tomorrow, because Lululemon is hosting a gigantic blowout warehouse sale this weekend at the LA Convention Center. Prices range for $4 to $79 for everything from hoodies to pants to mats for both men and women. Friday and Saturday they’re replenishing the stock several times during the day so it doesn’t get picked-over, but Sunday they’re putting out everything they have left right away.

This isn’t your typical warehouse sale—for starters, it has its own Twitter account with regularly updated line wait times and parking information. You can even tweet the sale to ask if they have a particular item in stock, and they’ll check for you and tweet you back! Although the wait time to get into the stockroom is currently varying between one and four hours, Lululemon is promising to make things fun with “live DJs, performers and a few surprises along the way will keep you grooving.” And the sale is coming just in time considering September is National Yoga Month.

The doors open daily at 8am and close at 8pm, but if you want to guarantee access to the stockroom, you must get in line by 6pm. I am planning on going early Saturday morning, coffee in hand—hopefully I’ll beat the lines! 

Additional information can be found on the Lululemon website. A recap: credit and debit cards only, no large bags (only small purses), and there is a limit of 25 items per person. Communal changing rooms only, so know your size ahead of time or wear cute underwear.

Hope to see some of you LA fashionistas and fitness freaks at the “SoulCal Celebration!”

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