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Floods In Mexico Leave 97 Dead

Kristy Plaza |
September 20, 2013 | 5:06 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer


Mexico’s coast is suffering from the destruction caused by Tropical Storm Ingrid and Hurricane Manuel. 

People wading through waist-deep water in Acapulco (Creative Commons)
People wading through waist-deep water in Acapulco (Creative Commons)
97 people have died from the flooding and landslides in Acapulco, NBC News reports. The resort city west of Acapulco, La Pintada, is a wreck. There are about 40,000 tourists stranded in this resort city. Hundreds of those stranded are Americans. 

On Wednesday 68 people were reported missing after a landslide in La Pintada, according to Voice of America. Mexican rescue workers have been searching since Friday. They have found 15 bodies. A police helicopter, Black Hawk, was sent out to aid in the search for the missing people on Thursday. Unfortunately communication with Black Hawk was lost that Thursday. Another helicopter was sent to look for them but the search had to end due to the severe weather conditions. The crew has yet to be found. 


Many roads out of the city are destroyed because of the landslides, leaving the city is difficult and rescue measures are slow. However, authorities partially reopened some damaged roads out, making it possible for thousands of tourists to evacuate. One bridge over Papagayo River in Acapulco was washed away due to the extent of the flooding. Commercial airlines and the Mexican Army have been able to evacuate more than 5,000 tourists. 

However, another reason why the Mexican Army was called in was to stop looting. Many locals have resorted to raiding the abandoned stores, despite the waist-deep water. On Tuesday hundreds of locals looted the Costco in Acapulco.

Locals looting the Costco in Acapulco (Creative Commons)
Locals looting the Costco in Acapulco (Creative Commons)
President Enrique Pena Nieto is focusing all of his work on relief efforts. About 1 million people have been affected and 50,000 were evacuated from their homes. President Nieto’s efforts are to support those families by providing shelters for them. The overall damage estimated by the government has not been released. However, the focus is on providing support and relief for those affected in Acapulco. 




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