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'Dexter' Series Finale Review: 'One Last Kill'

Tanya Mardirossian |
September 23, 2013 | 6:13 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Dexter takes off with Debra's body in the "Dexter" season finale (Showtime).
Dexter takes off with Debra's body in the "Dexter" season finale (Showtime).
For eight seasons, “Dexter” has made viewers fall in love with a serial killer. Showtime’s suspenseful dark comedy came to an end Sunday with what seemed like a double ending. 

The show kicked off with brief interviews with the cast members celebrating an end to a successful series. All had the same to say about the finale as seen in Entertainment Weekly magazine and Michael C. Hall’s interview on Conan: it is the right ending for “Dexter.”

The show began with the usual intro and the recap of the season—the last one audiences will see.

The opening scene began with Dexter and his son, Harrison, walking through the airport ready to start their new life with his killer girlfriend, Hannah McKay. McKay called from the airport bathroom saying she cannot board the plane because a private detective out for her arrest is blocking the boarding gate. Dexter comes up with a clever plan to have the detective stopped by airport security. Dexter receives a call from the hospital when he is informed about his sister Debra is in the hospital after being shot during the previous episode.

Dexter sends Harrison off with Hannah to board a bus to the nearest airport after evacuating due to Dexter’s plan to frame the detective. He then focuses on seeking revenge on the man who shot his sister— spoiler alert: who is still in the hospital with a machine keeping her alive.

Saxon, who shot Deb, goes to the hospital with the intention of killing her but Dexter beats him there, where officers handcuff him on the scene.

Dexter does what he does best and kills Saxon, making it look like self-defense while Saxon is in custody. Dexter returns to the hospital. He gives Deb, who suffered a stroke and is now essentially a vegetable, the proper goodbye and disconnects her from life support. Dexter then does the unimaginable as he steal Deb's body from the hospital in the wake of the hurricane crisis and takes off with it on his boat. As he disposes his sister’s body in the ocean where he dumps his victims’ bodies, he says his goodbyes. He throws his cell phone in the ocean and sails into the storm. The audience is led to believe this is the tragic ending for Dexter.

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The scene shifts to Hannah and Harrison living life in South America when Hannah learns Dexter’s body has not been found after the storm.

The scene shifts again to lumberjacks. Dexter is not dead. He is living alone with no ties to anyone he knows. The camera slightly zooms in on his face. It is the end of “Dexter.”

The finale is left for open interpretation. Audiences who have been drawn to “Dexter” are probably glad to see that their favorite serial killer isn’t dead, and they imagine the best for his future, with the possibility that he will one day reunite with his Hannah and Harrison.

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