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Colorado Flood Claims More Lives

Danielle Tarasiuk |
September 16, 2013 | 7:01 p.m. PDT


National Guard in Colorado flood/ Creative Commons
National Guard in Colorado flood/ Creative Commons
Seven people are now confirmed dead and about 1,500 homes have been destroyed after a week of relentless rains in Colorado along the eastern slope of the Rockies. In more remote areas are still stranded due to destroyed roads, bridges, and communication lines. 

From The Denver Post

As of Sunday, rescuers had evacuated more than 2,100 people and more than 500 pets, most by helicopter.

"The situation has deteriorated," Boulder County Emergency Management spokesman Andrew Barth said Sunday. "There's a heavy, heavy fog, and rain is coming down hard."

The flooding has been catastrophic for dozens of Front Range and Eastern Plains towns and cities.

Hundreds of local and federal rescuers crisscrossed remote slopes on foot and in ATVs trying to find people who have not been heard from in days.

Even as rescuers found stranded people and crossed them off the list of "the unaccounted for," that list continued to grow as more people called police asking for welfare checks on friends and relatives they couldn't reach.

The list across the state now tallies 1,253 people unaccounted for. The fear is that some of them are dead, Barth said. 


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