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Billy Ray Cyrus Defends 'Wrecking Ball' Video

Kathy Zerbib |
September 12, 2013 | 2:46 p.m. PDT

Film Editor

Miley Cyrus in her new music video, "Wrecking Ball" (YouTube/MileyCyrusVEVO).
Miley Cyrus in her new music video, "Wrecking Ball" (YouTube/MileyCyrusVEVO).
Those of us who are tuned in to Miley Cyrus' weird antics tend to pity her father, country legend Billy Ray Cyrus. How can he sleep at night, knowing his daughter is twerking her way to controversy every week and posing nude in her music videos? Well, now we know. He doesn't mind it.

Miley Cyrus recently dropped the music video to her new single "Wrecking Ball," which features the former Disney star naked on a gigantic wrecking ball and writhing around on the floor. There's also a ton of sexual innuendos to look out for. Some of the more, um, memorable scenes can be found right here.

The public bashed her for promoting a "loose" lifestyle and Miley wasn't having it. In a phone interview with Z100 Morning Show, she slams her haters for not looking past her naked body and seeing the real message of the video. 

Now, it's her father's turn to defend the controversy. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Billy Ray Cyrus disregarded his daughter's nudity.

"It wouldn't have mattered if Miley would have worn jeans and a flannel shirt... a Tux... or a Nun's habit. The song's a smash," he said.

According to her father, Miley Cyrus' nudity is irrelevant because of her vocal talent. He sticks by Miley's decision to go nude and was just as defensive of her when she was criticized for delivering a raunchy VMA performance just a little while ago.

Despite the country singer's approval of his daughter's professional decisions, other celebrities are not taking as kindly to Miley's antics. Singer Lionel Richie had some fatherly advice for Billy Ray, stating he was once in Billy Ray's shoes with his own daughter Nicole Richie. He sends Billy Ray his blessings and says fathers in similar situations must simply wait for this period in their daughter's life to end.

Watch the controversial "Wrecking Ball" video below.

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