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Biking Fashion Trends

Leslie Lee |
September 23, 2013 | 10:54 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Bike to class in style (Flickr Creative Commons/Richard Masoner Cyclelicious)
Bike to class in style (Flickr Creative Commons/Richard Masoner Cyclelicious)
Style meets sportswear with the advent of biker fashion, showcasing brands that enhance biker performance and yet are still incredibly chic! 

Whether you're a cycling fanatic or just biking along on your way to class, it wouldn't hurt to follow new tips for looking both stylish and sporty on your cruiser. 

For those trying to achieve an athletic look, simplicity is definitely the way to go. Currently, bikers are losing the logos and bright graphics, and are going for a more minimalist approach. It's considered not only more practical, but also more sophisticated to opt for clothes that include only the essentials- comfort and ease of movement.

Subtle colors such as nude, white and gray with cleverly placed pockets and intricate stitching along the collarbones speaks more vogue than flashy graphics, which nowadays only spell tacky. 

Brands such as Cafe du Cycliste, Rapha and Swrve showcase designs that provide bikers with comfortable, flexible material that allows for rigorous movement.

Women, try a Yolande Women's Jersey, or Swrve Milwaukee Jacket. Men, there are many selected styles by Giro, Oakley, and Empire that emulate a similar look. Check out the Mission Workshop Jacket or the Search and State Riding Jersey.

Another recurring trend is environmentally friendly sportswear. No, they're not constructed out of recycled newspaper, but green sportswear is definitely kinder to the earth. Clothing companies have begun using cleaner modes of production and manufacturing, making sure to recycle and repurpose their resources. Some brands go even further so as to donate a portion of their revenue to environmental causes.

Though it may be a bit harder on the budget--as all eco-friendly products are--it can definitely put your mind at ease knowing that you did something great for the planet and your wardrobe. Two birds, one stone.

So, show your support for earth sustainability and look good on the road! Well-known earth friendly sportswear brands include Nau Floret and Dante Robles Design

Amidst biker-enhanced fabrics and advanced designs for top performance, it's easy to miss the simple sophistication of bikers in the bygone days. When reminiscing the era of the classic bike, with its bright fenders, charming wooden basket, and overall simplicity in its engineering, one cannot help but also remember the clothes. The romantic appeal of wool jerseys, knee length skirts, and other vintage apparel will never lose its relevance in the fashion world- hence the label "timelessness." Cotton shirts, dungarees, collared dresses, and romantic, soft skirts that were once so prominent, have faded in our current biking culture. 

Fortunately, clothing companies have recognized the appeal of these classic looks, and have therefore manufactured a special line of sportswear that emulates the same timeless style--updated with a touch of modern influence.

For instance, the women's Rapha Lapelled jacket paired with a Cleverhound Mr. Fox cape combines elements of both winsome old-fashionedness and advanced technology. The jacket itself is very structured and clean, and the overall outfit achieves the timeless style, but it is cleverly manufactured for the purpose of rigorous biking. The high quality of optic fibers allows the fabric to breathe, and the stretchiness of the material allows ease of pedaling--ideal for the avid competitive biker.

For men, a recommendation would be a Ministry of Supply Apollo dress shirt or a Velobici Tommy Godwin classic jersey. They are advanced sportswear under the guise of trendy couture, not without with a hint of Audrey Hepburn-esque flair. 

So before hastily throwing on your flashy Roxy-emblemed T-shirt or those old study-until-you-drop sweatpants, give one or more of these popular trends a try. After all, we always want to look our best, whether on a date, at a wedding, or on a bike. You never know who you'll meet...or who you'll crash your tires into. 

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