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Betsey Johnson Makes Comeback With Strong NYFW Spring Line

Mona Khalifeh |
September 11, 2013 | 2:47 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Betsey Johnson's runway show featured plenty of swirls and color (Twitter).
Betsey Johnson's runway show featured plenty of swirls and color (Twitter).
It's all about a head-to-toe look for Betsey Johnson's spring line. From pastel florals to classic, clean white, Johnson had an accessory to match every outfit.  

Johnson opened the show in the shocking way she knows how to. Johnson's first look, a pastel pink and blue floral pattern, even looked like cotton candy. 

The remaining looks were just as stunning. Models danced down the runway in gold chains, zippers, earrings - with the chains and earrings cleverly displaying her Betsey logo - and embellishments that sparkled against the muted florals to add that Betsey Johnson edge. Every model donned a pink cotton candy-esque wig with pastel lips and eyes to match.

From pantsuits, to swimsuits, shoes, to gloves, this pattern, and each pattern and color used in this spring collection came with a matching and embellished accessory.

As the music got more wild, so did the looks. Johnson transitioned to a sequined white pattern, which she paired with silver jewelry and embellishments. Johnson debuted a black and white leopard print pattern that she fashioned into dresses and crop tops alike. The collection even highlighted a set of plain black ensembles, but the silver zippers and embellishments coupled with the chunky jewelry and accessories, made them anything but.  

It wouldn't be a Betsey Johnson show without her classic prom dress, which she closed each look with. The prom dresses were all strapless with a full tulle skirt. Each prom dress highlighted the color of each look, with that said-look's pattern serving as a band to separate the strapless top from the tulle skirt. 

Closing each look with her classic style helped to round out the separate looks within the collection. One dress stood alone in all metallic silver. This chic Betsey Johnson original embodied the perfect prom dress. The more plain dress, designed in the same fashion as the other prom dresses in the collection, could easily be paired well with any of the multi-patterned accessories in the collection.

As the lights dimmed and the sparkle began to fade, Johnson shocked us yet again. Her models coming onto the runway in white crop tops reading, "BJ, One A Day," and brightly colored boy shorts underwear which, when turned around, revealed the seven days of the week.  

Johnson closed the show with her signature cartwheel alongside her daughter and fellow designer, Lulu, and granddaughters. Her models paid tribute to America, exiting the runway alongside Johnson, each with American flag in hand.

It is safe to say that Johnson has come back in a big way with a little something for everyone.

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