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The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Lizzie Pereira |
September 13, 2013 | 4:46 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Coconut oil is chock-full of good-for-you nutrients (Twitter/@GlobalGoodsInc)
Coconut oil is chock-full of good-for-you nutrients (Twitter/@GlobalGoodsInc)
These days it seems that everybody is “coocoo” for coconut oil and coconut products. But this tropical-scented mania isn’t just a hip trend. Research suggests that this superfood offers amazing health benefits. There are even health forums devoted solely to its seemingly magical powers. 

Cooking with coconut oil is just one of the many smart ways to utilize this fruit.

Swap your regular cooking oil with a spoonful of coconut oil for a dose of healthy fat. Don’t fear the fat, people. The fatty acids found in coconut oil can actually REDUCE hunger cravings and curb your appetite. 

For a nutritious Asian spin on your dinner, sauté your favorite veggies in coconut oil. Add a splash of soy sauce, some ginger, and a hint of honey. The coconut party in your mouth will be so tasty, you won’t even believe that what you’re eating is full of nutrients. 

Coconut oil for breakfast? Sure, why not? Add a splash to your oatmeal with some cocoa powder and banana for a delicious twist. If you want to take the health factor up a notch, use cacao powder instead of cocoa (yes, there’s a difference). Your most important meal of the day just turned into the most nutritious as well. 

You can even add a healthy dose of coconut oil to your most sinful sweets and treats. Instead of baking with shortening, use coconut oil. Check out this (quasi) guilt-free chocolate recipe for inspiration.

But if you think the wonders of coconut oil only exist inside the kitchen, think again.  

Ladies, next time you run out of eye-makeup remover, just dab some coconut oil on a tissue; you'll be clean and clear in seconds. In fact, coconut oil is amazing for both your skin and hair. If you're all about multi-tasking, you can simultaneously moisturize your skin while cooking up a nutritious meal. What could be better than that?

But wait! There’s more! Coconut oil has lots of random uses. You can use it as a natural, environmentally-friendly way to fix that squeaky door of yours.

If you've run out of toothpaste--no problem. You can make your own when you combine coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint oil.

Mind: blown. 

Seriously, what can't coconut oil do? 

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