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7 Ways ‘Under The Dome’ Should End

Reid Nakamura |
September 16, 2013 | 4:52 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

What kind of trouble will The Dome cause for the season finale? (CBS)
What kind of trouble will The Dome cause for the season finale? (CBS)

“Under The Dome’s” first season has grown increasingly bananas over the past thirteen weeks and tonight’s season finale needs to top everything that’s come before. Here are seven things that would wrap the season appropriately and set the show on the right foot for season two:

Joe and Norrie break up
Chester’s Mill’s favorite couple hasn’t had to face much strife in season one. Sure, they’ve had plenty of near-death experiences and seizures galore, but other than that it’s been all hugs and kisses for Jorrie (Noe?). The teenagers seem to be the last ones still trying to figure out what’s going on with The Dome and it’s time for them to move on. The Dome will probably throw a hissy fit, but they’ve got bigger problems.

Linda dies
No one listens to Linda. No one tells Linda anything. No one likes Linda. So why is she still around? Not only is Linda the worst cop left in Chester’s Mill—including Junior—she might be the worst cop ever. Ever. Linda’s death would be the perfect mystery to solve over the course of the second season and the case would probably be in better hands than those of the poor souls killed in season one.

Stare into those crazy eyes. (Tumblr, brokendreams83)
Stare into those crazy eyes. (Tumblr, brokendreams83)

Everyone starts to treat Junior like he’s crazy. Because he is
Junior is actually crazy. Everyone around him seems to have forgotten, but locking a girl in the cellar should’ve been a bigger problem than it was. The show has been apt to excuse his behavior because he’s so in love, but can sociopaths feel love?

Angie attempts suicide
For most of the season, Angie hasn’t had much to do besides scream at Junior and blackmail Big Jim. She’s been largely distracted by the egg lately, but it’s high time for her to deal with the psychological damage caused by being held captive. Angie’s been feisty all season, but when the weight of all the trauma comes crashing down, there’s no way she has the stomach to take it.

The egg hatches and Barbie is crowned with a personality
If Barbie is the much prophesized “monarch,” he’s a pretty uncharismatic one. The only way to make sense of his place as the main character of the show is to reveal that the egg has been holding his personality hostage the whole time. The actual duties of the “monarch” haven’t been revealed yet, but if he is to rule Chester’s Mill, a bloodthirsty despot would be more fun to watch.

Bryce Dallas Howard replaces Rachelle Lefevre as Julia
Because "Twilight."

Maxine rises from the dead
Who’s going to run the illegal fight club now that Maxine is dead? Who’s going to facilitate all the illegal salt trading? Would a zombie roaming the streets be any more preposterous than Phil or Carolyn taking her place? Natalie Zea brought a fun life to the character and even if “Under The Dome” has to twist itself into knots to bring her back, it would still be an improvement. Not to mention the fact that the promos CBS could run would be incredible.

"Under The Dome's" season one finale airs on CBS tonight at 10/9c.

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