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Mumford And Sons Hopelessly Wanders Into Our Hearts: Music Video Roundup

Mara Hyman |
August 18, 2013 | 7:50 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Every other week, writer Mara Hyman takes a look at the latest creations coming from the music video universe. Here are her latest picks:

Kelly Clarkson - "Tie It Up"

It's obvious that Kelly likes country music, especially considering her several appearances at country music festivals and award shows, but this song officially marks her entrance into that genre. The song is like a female, country-fied version of Bruno Mars's "Marry You" and is fun and lighthearted. We also get to hear her lower register on the verses, which is a nice change of pace since many of her hits showcase her voice going into the stratosphere. At first one might question if country is a good fit given her decade of success in the pop realm, but it seems to suit her well!

The music video is also classic country as it surrounds several weddings and Kelly who is a wedding singer. It is mostly a feel-good montage of a bunch of wedding photos and clips from parties. While a simple concept, it shows Kelly and her friends having fun and not taking themselves too seriously. Who wouldn't want Kelly Clarkson to perform for them? Are you a fan of the video and Kelly's country side?

Jessie J - "It's My Party"

If there's anything we know about the new Jessie J, it's that she's completely fearless. After all, she had her head shaved for charity! As her second single off of her sophomore album, "It's My Party" is a dancey anthem about not letting anyone get you down and just having fun. The beat is very reminiscent of "Domino," especially at the beginning of the track. It's also very high pitched and has a similar vibe to P!nk's "Blow Me One Last Kiss."

Speaking of music comparisons, the video can best be compared to that for "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus but toned down ten notches. We see her wandering down a pink hallway as she opens several doors that lead into parties hosted by three vastly different social groups. At the end, they all join together for one big party. We get to see Jessie's sense of humor, especially when she's jamming out on the guitar in the room full of "punks." The video combined with the song seem to be her way of responding to haters as she simply has fun and lets loose. Do you like this side of Jessie J?

Fergie - "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)"

Fergie's back! She quite obviously got inspiration from the movie "The Great Gatsby" and the 1920s in general on her next single off of the movie's soundtrack. It's a combination of old school jazz with a club/electronic influence. While the lyrics are extremely repetitive, it is pretty catchy and an interesting choice as Fergie's first single after a long time since her "Big Girls Don't Cry" days, and more recently as a returned member of the Black Eyed Peas. Some might consider it too similar in style to will.i.am's song "Bang Bang" off of the same sountrack, but it's up to the listener to decide. 

The video is exactly what one would picture it to be: Fergie dressed as a flapper girl, partying with a bunch of people also in 1920s garb. While released three months after the movie, viewers will still get that instant blast from the past. It plays a lot with bright lights, gold, and sparkles to create an Old Hollywood, glamourous vibe. The dancers are all doing the Charleston as Fergie takes center stage behind a large microphone. It would've been interesting to see Fergie show a new take on the 1920s rather than be so predictable, but nevertheless it's a fun video. Do you hope Fergie will bring this '20s style into more songs?

The Wanted - "We Own The Night"

The Wanted arguably needed to redeem themselves after their last generic pop single, "Walks Like Rihanna," which one could tell was a bit of a joke for them especially in the music video. However, they've definitely made a hit out of "We Own The Night" which is less a clubby song like "Glad You Came" and more a sing-along anthem about living in the moment and enjoying life. It has the vibe of an Irish drinking song that a bunch of people would sing at a pub - it brings people together. It also probably has the strongest lyrics of any of their singles to date, and sounds like the type of song that would come from the band fun.

The video certainly matches that feel-good energy of the song by showing the band members at a bar as they play the piano, sing, and have fun with the other bar goers. We see people getting ready for a night out, from a group of girlfriends to an adorable older couple. The band cleary enjoyed filming the video, especially towards the final scenes where they sing the "la la la"s with the other people at the bar. Do you hopet The Wanted sings more songs like this in the future?

Mumford and Sons - "Hopeless Wanderer"

If there was any question that Mumford and Sons is an amazing group, this song and video prove it. Like usual, "Hopeless Wanderer" showcases the group's harmonies, dynamic lyricism, and strong instrumentals. Yet while a great song, it's the music video that really makes it stand out.

The video is essentially a parody of Mumford and Sons, which is great because it shows that they have a sense of humor and can poke fun at themselves. The bandmembers are played by none other than comedians Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Forte. We see them dragging heavy instruments along a dirt road, doing barbershop quartet choreography while playing banjos, and being extremely emotional as they all shed a tear. The costumes and setting simly add to the making of an ultimate Mumford and Sons parody. The video went viral overnight and became an instant Internet sensation. They could arguably make another video for the song that actually showcases the band, but given the popularity of this parody, they probably don't need it. What are your thoughts on the video?

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