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Driver Strikes Venice Boardwalk

Eric Parra |
August 4, 2013 | 11:33 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

The Venice boardwalk is generally a crowded place of people and vendors (creative commons)
The Venice boardwalk is generally a crowded place of people and vendors (creative commons)
Death and destruction hit Venice beach on Saturday night as a driver lost control of his vehicle and hit the boardwalk, striking at least a dozen people and killing one.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, one person sustained critical injuries, two more suffered serious injuries and the rest only had minor injuries to deal with. Only 10 people accepted transportation to the hospital.

Witness claimed to have seen the driver flee the scene, the car being a dark colored sedan. While specific information hasn’t been revealed, a suspect of interest was taken in and questioned for the duration of the night.

From LA Times

“Witnesses said they believed the driver was traveling about 60 mph — others cited slower speeds — when the crash occurred about 6 p.m. near the boardwalk's intersection with Dudley Avenue, just before the sun began to set on the tourist haven. Witnesses said "scores of people" were walking along the beach. 

"A car plowed through the boardwalk," said Daniel Regidor, 50, who was running nearby when the crash occurred.

"People screaming, running. I was half a mile from the scene, but you could see just this mass of people trying to get out of the way.... Just a lot of people screaming.... It was horrible.

"I saw somebody flying up in the air," Regidor said. "When I came upon the scene, there were a bunch of people on the ground, bloodied."

Turtles, mannequins, and all types of store merchandise littered the boardwalk where the car went rampant. All other details are still being withheld, but may come into light as the investigation continues.


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