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O.J. Simpson Gets Parole For Some Charges

Eric Parra |
July 31, 2013 | 9:35 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Simpson claims to stand apart from the "real" criminals that he's seen (creative commons)
Simpson claims to stand apart from the "real" criminals that he's seen (creative commons)
After appearing in court after nearly five years of imprisonment, former USC running back, O.J. Simpson was granted parole on some of the convictions that he was committed for.

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Even after his parole for a few charges, Simpson will remain behind bars for at least four more years that had no chance of an appeal.

From the Washington Post

“The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners released its decision in favor of Simpson’s parole request. Commissioners noted Simpson’s “positive institutional record” and his participation in programs addressing “behavior that led to incarceration.”

The board noted Simpson had no previous criminal convictions and still has consecutive sentences to serve in the Las Vegas case.”

He was sentenced from 9 to 33 years while facing four weapon enhancement sentences as well as counts of assault with a deadly weapon on top of his original Las Vegas conviction of kidnapping, robbery, and burglary.

Simpson stood in front of the court expressing regret and apologies for his action, stating that he had been a model inmate. According to the correctional center officials, he had not received any disciplinary actions.

From what the Clark County district judge has stated, Simpson can still possibly have the opportunity for a second hearing in May, that his trial attorney had botched his defense in a conflict of interest.



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