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Royal Baby Ignites Over-The-Top Media Frenzy

Brianna Sacks |
July 22, 2013 | 10:34 a.m. PDT


(Pregnant Kate Middleton/Creative Commons)
(Pregnant Kate Middleton/Creative Commons)
The Royal palace confirmed early Monday morning that Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has gone into labor. Details are scarce, but world media outlets wait with bated breath for a sheet of paper detailing the baby's sex, weight and time of birth, which will be posted on an easel outside Buckingham Palace.

Media outlets across the globe have been in a frenzy since early Monday morning and continues to buzz over the arrival of the future heir, publishing moment-by-moment coverage of very little actual news. Google News even seems to be struggling to keep up with its "real time coverage," since hundreds of stories are being posted by the minute from outlets all over the world.

The Guardian posted aerial photographs of St. Mary's Hospital, which in in absolute pandemonium as swarms of media wait for anything new.

Photographers have been camped outside St. Mary's for the past few weeks hoping to capture Middleton's arrival. Some have even been there since July 1, according to the Guardian.

When Middleton, 31, finally arrived at the hospital in a private car with husband William at around 1 a.m. eastern time, TV Stations, bloggers and websites flooded the area and also started to post articles and picture galleries with every angle imaginable.

Titles include: "Great Expectations. Kate in Labor," "What's in a royal name? Lots of tradition," "MLB All-Star gives royal parents diaper-changing advice," and many other gems.

The Duchess is expected to give birth in a private wing, according to CBC News, where her husband and his younger brother, Prince Harry were delivered.

Royal sources have confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge was overdue, U.K.'s Daily Mail reported.

The baby will be third in line to the British throne, behind grandfather Prince Charles and the Duke of Cambridge.
Twitter seems to be in a league of its own.


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