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'Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco': Which 8 Celebrities Should Participate?

Kathy Zerbib |
July 27, 2013 | 12:55 p.m. PDT

Film Editor

Tune in to the roast on Labor Day! (Twitter)
Tune in to the roast on Labor Day! (Twitter)
James Franco, THE James Franco, is getting his own celebrity roast on Comedy Central. He had previously announced the news over an Instagram video and Comedy Central has since confirmed it via Twitter. It's happening, folks. There's so much material on the guy (Why does he always look under the influence? Remember how stupid he looked in "Spring Breakers"? Who thought casting him as Hugh Hefner was a good idea? Why does he always look high?!), but it would take a talented panel of roasters to formulate Franco's life into the right jokes. Now it's time to consider who his honorable team of roasters should be. 

Anne Hathaway

Remember when Anne Hathaway and James Franco co-hosted the Oscars and things didn't... go so well? Well, they've since made up, according to Franco, but a roast is just the perfect opportunity for a no-limits, public fight for both of them to air out any last resentments towards each other. Franco might become a full-fledged Hatha-hater as a result, though.

Lisa Lampanelli

Lampanelli is a star roaster. Her jokes are not held-back whatsoever. She is excellent to roast and excellent at roasting. She simply must be in this year's roast. She would tear Franco apart and it would be a great thing to watch.

Hugh Hefner

This famous Playboy had a roast of his own, so he is familiar with how it goes. He chose not to attack any of his roasters, but handled his ending with class. It would be interesting to see him let loose this time and dish out some jokes to Franco. The timing of Franco's roast makes it especially interesting, seeing as how Franco is playing Hefner in the upcoming film, "Lovelace."

Dave Franco

One of the "Other Francos." Dave Franco might just be the more attractive Franco. He's been in plenty of films, but roasting his brother would just be a great chance for increased exposure. Let's be honest, he'd look great on TV, too!

Jason Segel

Segel has all the makings of a roaster. He has full potential to become an amateur Jeffrey Ross, if he took this opportunity to roast his buddy James Franco. Who better to have all the dirt on Franco (besides being a devoted papparazzi) than a good friend?

Snoop Dogg/Lion

He was an excellent roaster at the Donald Trump roast, so why not make him a roaster at James Franco's? Snoop would be one of the few roasters on the panel who wouldn't be able to crack a joke about how high Franco always looks. But we all know he'd probably do it, anyway. 

Seth Rogen

Rogen has starred alongside Franco in "Pineapple Express," "Knocked Up," and more. He knows what Franco is iike on set and could deliver some hilarious jokes about his castmate. Like Segel, Rogen would make a great roaster. All he needs is a chance!

Jeffrey Ross

And, finally, Jeffrey Ross. Like Lampanelli, Ross has just become part of the roast shows. His jokes are crude, harsh, and quite hilarious. He belongs on any roasting panel and he'd undoubtedly be perfect for Franco's.

The roast will be taped in August and aired on Comedy Central on Labor Day. 

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