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Season 12 Of 'Project Runway' Will Feature (Unnecessary) On-Screen Interactive Components

Kathy Zerbib |
June 24, 2013 | 3:45 p.m. PDT

Film Editor

"Project Runway" is back for Season 12! But with a few changes... (Lifetime)
"Project Runway" is back for Season 12! But with a few changes... (Lifetime)
As if putting contestants into teams on Season 11 was not enough, "Project Runway" is introducing interactive components for Season 12. According to TV Guide, the show is allowing its viewers to help judge its challenges using an on-screen feature and even possibly enter to win fashion makeovers.

Other changes to the show include the return of a former contestant and mentor Tim Gunn's newfound power to spare a designer from elimination every week.

First off - the interactive component for fans is already sounding like a flop. As someone who religiously procrastinates on watching a show til the following evening on Hulu, an on-screen feature is not appealing. Does this mean the show will be live? How does that work, exactly?

"America's Next Top Model" opted for an interactive method to allows fans to help critique their contestants, but that was an online process that did not require much effort on the viewers' part. What is "Project Runway" thinking with their on-screen plan?

Actually, why does "Project Runway" feel like its show needs to remodel itself? We barely adjusted to its scheme to team its contestants up for every round last season and this turns our perspective of the show into a completely different loop. It is an unnecessary evolution that probably started from the producers' fear of becoming obsolete. But guess what? "Project Runway" made it to 12 seasons. Does it really seem like its becoming obsolete?

Just about the only change that comes with full support is the decision to allow Tim Gunn to save a designer from the chopping block. It is even surprising such a decision took 12 seasons to confirm. Tim Gunn knows every designer personally. He critiques their work regularly and is able to see them grow and progress as a fashion designer. Whom better than him can make the right calls on which contestant to save every week?

Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Zac Posen will return as main judges while Michael Kors, Sigourney Weaver, and Kelly Osbourne will be a few of the many guest judges of the season.

Tune in to "Project Runway" every Thursday night, starting July 18.

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