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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Name For Baby Kimye Is All For Publicity

Vanessa Gomez |
June 23, 2013 | 7:42 p.m. PDT


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their baby North West, Nori for short. (Photo via Twitter)
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their baby North West, Nori for short. (Photo via Twitter)
For this week's big entertainment story, I didn't want to pick Kim Kardashian and Kanye West having their daughter five weeks early because there's nothing to talk about with that story. That is, until the name of their daughter was announced. Her name is North West; they will call her Nori for short, E! News confirmed. 

Kim Kardashian had North West five weeks early on Saturday, June 15, at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. She left the hospital Thursday afternoon and proceeded to an undisclosed home in LA. According to E! News, Nori weighs a little bit under 5 pounds, and both mom and baby are healthy and doing well. 

All that is great news, but the name... Really? Now, I am in no place to tell anyone what to name their child, but North West? That's just absolutely ridiculous, and the reason why is not only because the child will probably be mocked her whole life, but also it's just all for attention. Clearly, Kim and Kanye are big public figures, so the arrival of their baby was highly anticipated. The name of their daughter was next on the list of anticipation and they didn't fail in that department. 

It looks as if the couple chose a name that would bring in a lot of controversy and attention to the pregnancy. I may be gullible for thinking this, but I used to think the Kardashian family's show on E! wasn't staged and was actually how they acted; however, after Kim's 72-day wedding and the name of her baby revealed, it solidifies the idea that everything that family does is all for their image. Whatever is going to look good for their image or give them publicity, they will do it, and Kanye is now a part of this kind of publicizing. 

Naming your child a direction is not okay. It's like giving your child the same first and last name, which is just confusing. Can you imagine the confusion the poor little girl will encounter? For example, telling someone to take North to the grocery store, and someone ask why can't I go South? ...Or something along those lines. They say they will call her Nori for short, but that still doesn't make it okay. It's like they know how ridiculous the name is but they still used it anyway and tried to make it better by giving her a nickname. 

There was confusion in the beginning when little Nori was born because many thought her name was going to start with a K. At first, some reported her name was Kaidence. On "The Tonight Show" back in March, Kim denied North West as a possible name and said she liked Easton (also entailing a direction). So I guess the name got added to the list along the way. 

No matter what, it was a poor choice for a human's name and people have been going crazy over it on Twitter. Some users have made fun of the name itself and others have decided to make spoof Twitter handles for it. 

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