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Justin Bieber Needs To Take Responsibility

Vanessa Gomez |
June 1, 2013 | 4:50 p.m. PDT


Justin Bieber showed everyone at The Billboard Music Awards he needs to take the blame for his actions. (Photo via Pinterest)
Justin Bieber showed everyone at The Billboard Music Awards he needs to take the blame for his actions. (Photo via Pinterest)
Justin Bieber. The name has probably sparked more controversy in the past several months than those of many other celebrities. Questions have been raised about him from whether he is behaving appropriately in public to if he even deserved the Milestone Award at the Billboard Music Awards a couple weeks ago. For this week's biggest entertainment story, I picked Justin Bieber and what he's got himself into in the past several months, which his mentor Usher talked about on The Ellen Degeneres Show earlier this week.  

Talk show host Ellen Degeneres couldn't find her words when she said "He seems to be..." Usher cut in and said, "He started when he was young." He went on to talk about how all celebrities now don't have any privacy because of social media. He told Degeneres, "Imagine if there was a camera when you were there as a teenager, would you have liked that?" She responded, "It would have been fantastic. I was a pretty good kid." Usher pried her in trying to get her to say it would have been disastrous, but Degeneres just kept saying there wouldn't have been anything bad because she was a good kid. However, she understood that it would have been hard growing up with a camera in her face at all times. But as a celebrity, Bieber chose a life in which fame and paparazzi are an automatic pair.

Now, I'm not a celebrity, so I don't know what it's like to have a camera in my face at all times, but it's something to be expected if you want to be a big-time celebrity nowadays. Unfortunately, in this world, the paparazzi are everywhere trying to get pictures of any and every star. When someone wants to try to make music or be a famous actor, they have to expect to have cameras in their face at least some of the time, if not all the time, in their life. So, in that sense, celebrities sign up to have their life photographed when they sign that contract to make their first album, just as Justin Bieber did.  

Also, according to Parade magazine, Justin Bieber made $55 million in the year of 2012. If someone is making that much money, they should not be complaining about their public profiles because the fans are the ones who are giving them that money by buying their album and supporting them. I know how hard it would be to have cameras following you around at all times, but that's when celebrities have to be smart about the decisions they make in public.  

One of the bad decisions The Biebs made is allegedly riding around on a Segway in his Calabasas community while smoking a joint, according to The Huffington Post. Also, his neighbors in the Calabasas community have complained about his reckless driving, which he has been caught doing before on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles. I couldn't imagine having a camera in my face growing up, but I can say with confidence that I would have been more proper and not have done all the things the Biebs is doing because anything could go public and ruin my career. People are giving Justin Bieber too much credit for being young and growing up in the spotlight and need to start holding him accountable for his actions. 

If he is going to stand on the stage at the Billboard Music Awards, wearing his black sunglasses with his pants down to his knees and not say a word while most of the crowd is cheering for him, then he deserves to be reprimanded by the media. He is 19 years old and makes over $50 million a year. He should be showing his fans how much of a role model he can be, not telling them he's tired of all the "bull" he has to deal with. Well Biebs, that's a bunch of bull because even though as sad as it is, that's what celebrities have to deal with when they are well-known. It's part of the contract. 

If he says his career is all about his fans -- like he did in his Billboard Music Awards speech -- then he needs to start setting an example for them and show them that it really is about his music and not about the marijuana police found on his tour bus or why he was kicked out of a well-known club in Vienna. Or, he needs to start keeping things in the privacy of his own home rather than carelessly behaving negatively in public. 

Usher summed it up nicely in his interview with Ellen Degeneres when he said, "If there were no humps, there would be nothing to get over." But in the Biebs case, there have been too many humps at this point. So here's some advice directed towards him: Justin Bieber, if you want to continue your career and be successful for a long time, it's time to realize you will always have to deal with the cameras being around you, so behave accordingly. It's time to grow up and admit some of the things you have done are wrong, instead of blaming it on other people and saying everything else is "bull." 


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