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Apple Unveils iOS 7, Mavericks at Worldwide Developer Conference

Jeremy Fuster |
June 10, 2013 | 3:14 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer


Outside Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco (Anita Hart/Creative Commons)
Outside Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco (Anita Hart/Creative Commons)
Apple held its keynote presentation at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, during which they unveiled brand new computer and iPhone operating systems, a new line of MacBook Airs, and a new music streaming service for iTunes. 


CEO Tim Cook called the new iPhone software, iOS 7, the biggest change made since the iPhone's introduction. The interface has been completely changed, with new color schemes, icons, and typefaces It is designed to create a simpler layout, with larger amounts of white space and translucent screens that change the appearance of apps depending on the wallpaper.


iOS 7 will also feature a Control Center that will allow users to change preferences with one simple button press and without closing any apps. The App Store will update apps automatically whenever it is connected to the internet. Siri will come with a new male voice and additional languages, and will also be able to integration with car navigation screens. The system is set to be released this fall.


Apple also introduced a new line of MacBook Airs that will come with with up to nine hours of battery live on the 11-inch version and up to 12 hours on the 13-inch. Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller also introduced the new Mac Pro, which has be redesigned into a black cylinder. Schiller says the new Pro will have double the power of Apple's current model and will be designed and assembled in the United States. The MacBooks begin shipping today, and the Pro will be available later this year.


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Apple then introduced the latest version of Mac OS X, which will start a new tradition of naming the operating systems after locations in California instead of cats such as Panther, Leopard, and Lion. The system will be called Mavericks, after a popular surfing spot in Northern California. It will feature tabs in Finder to create a less cluttered interface, along with a new Safari and the introduction of Maps and iBooks, apps that had previously been iPhone-exclusive.


Finally, Apple announced iTunes Radio, a free streaming service similar to Pandora that will launch this fall. iTunes will include over 200 channels and others inspired by music in the user's iTunes account. The service will be ad-supported, and all songs will be available for purchase on the iTunes store. 

You can view Apple's presentation in its entirety or in abridged form below:


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