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'Revenge' Episode 18 Recap: Engagement

Ashley Riegle |
May 6, 2013 | 5:17 p.m. PDT

Jack is finally learning a little more about Emily (ABC)
Jack is finally learning a little more about Emily (ABC)

The episode opens with Emily accepting Daniel's proposal (for a second time) and beginning to wear the stunning diamond ring again. They deliver the news to Victoria and Conrad, telling them they plan to relocate permanently to Paris! Of course Victoria is horrified.

Throughout the episode, Charlotte's behavior is erratic. She is hanging out with her new wild friend Regina, going out to clubs and giving Daniel major attitude. She says that she cannot attend Emily and Daniel's engagement party because she can't stand being around her mother right now.

"Engagement" revealed more about Victoria's other son, Patrick. It turns out that Victoria paid Patrick $5 million to disappear and remain silent. She worked with the Falcon to then erase all digital records of his true identity.

Emily has asked Charlotte to be her Maid of Honor in her wedding in Paris. Charlotte is delighted and says yes. Emily tries to connect with Charlotte, saying how much she looks forward to being sisters, though Char seems distracted.

Jack has learned from Victoria and Ashley that he was the reason Daniel and Emily ended their first engagement. Last season Ashley spotted Emily and Jack share a kiss through the window of her beach house. She took that information straight to Daniel, which led to their break-up. Jack is shocked to learn this.

Victoria goes to meet with the Governor's wife, Allison, accusing her of having an affair with Conrad. Allison confesses that she only has feelings for her own husband and has been leaking information to Conrad to help him win the Governor's race. Her husband has a degenerative heart disease and she wants him back for the limited time he has alive. Victoria seems skeptical of this story. Allison leaves her with a piece of advice, if Victoria truly loves Conrad and he wins the Governorship, to limit his time in office to one term, calling it a "death sentence". It's debatable whether Victoria loves Conrad at all, but we can be sure she's stored this advice away in her vault!

Aiden and Nolan meet privately at Nolcorp, and Aiden opens up about how empty he has felt since killing Trask. Aiden says he has learned now that Emily will never "win" her mission, and that they shouldn't be focused on that anymore. Nolan is shocked, but agrees to conspire with Aiden privately on a secret plan against the Graysons. Knowing that Takeda has shared personnel files about him with Grayson Global, Aiden's time at the company and as treasurer of the foundation is limited. For that reason, he urges Nolan to help him drain the Grayson's personal bank accounts ASAP. Nolan says the Falcon created an unbreakable code to lock the assets and schemes ways to crack it.

He goes to meet with Falcon aka Edith in prison. Nolan agrees to help erase the cyber-trail that got her indicted if she agrees to help him access the Amanda Clarke Foundation account. She gives him a clue about how to find the password. While doing so, she also indicates that she tweaked Carrion before giving it to the Initiative. She claims that she is the only one who knows how to initiate it now.

Daniel and Emily host a low-key engagement party at Emily's beach house. During the event, Daniel tells her he fired Aiden and Emily learns about Takeda's increasing involvement. Just then, she looks out the window and sees Takeda standing outside. They meet for a private chat on the dock. Takeda tells Emily the path she walks is for her alone. He says the Initiative is planning another strike. Emily asks him to let her help him, and to let Aiden help him. Takeda says no, that this path is his alone. Very mysterious!!

Conrad gives Daniel an envelope of money. Daniel and Emily's plan is to permanently move to Paris, with Daniel taking a step-back entirely from Grayson Global. He is excited about this prospect.

Out on the porch, Jack arrives to ask Emily if she's really planning to marry Daniel, asking what's different this time. She reminds him that when her last engagement was called off, she tried to tell him how she felt, but that Amanda was there and pregnant and he suddenly had a whole new life. This seems to be comforting for him to remember, and then he says, "but not anymore", in a way suggesting they could have something now. Emily looks over her shoulder and sees Victoria watching them through the window. Jack asks how Emily could agree to marry into a family that ruined Amanda's life. She tells him she will tell him one day. He gets mad, telling her he's tired of the "half-truths" and walks off.

Daniel is trying to be a good brother to Charlotte (ABC)
Daniel is trying to be a good brother to Charlotte (ABC)

Charlotte and Regina are in Manhattan getting into trouble. Declan is trying to keep up with Charlotte, sympathetic that she is still grieving from Amanda's untimely death. After vomiting outside of a nightclub, the cops recognize her as "rich girl Grayson." She swears she is not drunk, but they aren't interested in hearing her out and throw her in jail. Daniel heads into the city to help his sister out.

Nolan appears and comments about what a nice guy Daniel can be. Emily assures him that she is in love with Aiden. Nolan asks if she's in love with him no matter what happens and Emily says yes.

Aiden and Takeda are not seeing eye-to-eye and we begin to learn that perhaps Takeda doesn't have Emily's best interests in mind after all. Takeda and Aiden meet up in a dark and secret location. Takeda tells Aiden his mission is over. Aiden says that if Takeda "lets them both go" that he will never reveal to Emily Takeda's true intention. Otherwise, he will tell her the truth tonight. Their icy exchange of words soon becomes a duel. They draw swords and begin a battle. After a tense and dangerous sword fight, Aiden sticks a sword through Takeda's neck, killing him!

Emily shows up to Nolcorp and discovers Nolan and Aiden preparing for their Grayson money transfer. She attempts to stop them from moving all of the Grayson's money to a secret off-shore account. But Aiden grabs the mouse and makes the trade! As soon as the money transfers, the lights of Manhattan go completely dark!! As the camera pans to capture each main character's reaction, everyone seems surprised by the darkness, except the Falcon, who lays smiling in her prison cell. Did she trick Nolan into triggering Carrion? What will happen now that the Grayson's are effectively bankrupt?

Victoria Grayson continues to conspire (Photo Courtesy ABC)
Victoria Grayson continues to conspire (Photo Courtesy ABC)

As if this episode didn't drop enough bombs, we find out by the end of the episode that Charlotte is harboring a serious secret indeed- she is pregnant. A disguised item Regina brought Charlotte in a black plastic bag in the beginning of the episode, was most certainly a pregnancy test. She delivers this news to her Daniel, who is understandably shocked.

Victoria shows up at The Stowaway as the nightly news reveals the Governor's heart disease. It is unclear whether Conrad or Victoria leaked the story, but it seems likely Conrad is about to become the Governor of New York. Victoria has come to see Jack to ask why he wants to ruin Conrad's campaign. He confesses the reason is because Conrad is guilty for Amanda's death. It's unclear why he trusts Victoria with this information, but it seems dangerous.

Just as we've learned about Victoria's teenage pregnancy, it seems that Charlotte is now facing one as well. There are many exciting plot lines leading into next week's two-hour season finale of "Revenge". Check out a video teaser below.

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