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Prop D To Limit Marijuana Dispensaries In LA

Eric Parra |
May 22, 2013 | 8:15 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Measure F would have allowed unlimited shops if it had passed (creative commons)
Measure F would have allowed unlimited shops if it had passed (creative commons)
Along with the other stream of elections and votes, the proposition for a limited number of medical marijuana dispensaries passed against the rival proposition for an unlimited amount of dispenseries.

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Proposition D, a result of a citizen created petition, passed with 62% of the vote from the latest results. 

From The Los Angeles Times

“Proposition D would reduce the number of pot shops in the city from about 700 now to about 130 by allowing only those that opened before the adoption of a failed 2007 city moratorium on new dispensaries to remain open. A rival initiative, Measure F, which would have allowed an unlimited number of dispensaries to operate, failed. Both measures would raise taxes on medical marijuanasales 20%.”

Even though a number of dispensaries will be told to close down, David Welch, an attorney supporting Measure F, believes that many shops will continue to run so long as the city struggles to determine who qualifies and who doesn’t. 


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