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Wendy Greuel's Female Trump Card More Attractive For Women In District 9

Zhao Chen |
April 22, 2013 | 11:15 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Carolwn Ruffin / by Zhao Chen
Carolwn Ruffin / by Zhao Chen

Recent interviews among South L.A. residents showed education is the top priority concerning the district 9 voters, thus probably resulting in more support for mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel due to her emphasis on education in her election campaign.

Michelle Kinsey, a mother of a four-year-old boy, said although her son has not gone to school yet, she is worried about whether he can get quality education in this area in the future.

"Children and eduction has always been an decisive factor in my voting. We should have more balanced and diverse curriculum encompassing math, science, history and sports in schools so that kids have more opportunities to explore," said Kinsey.

Kinsey said Greuel's policy of no budget cuts in education impressed her, and that is precisely why she will definitely vote for Greuel to be the mayor. "I voted for her in the primary, and I hope she will be elected to make a difference for district 9," Kinsey said.

Carolwn Ruffin, who has lived in South L.A. for more than 20 years, agreed education is the most pressing issue facing this area although she is still on the fence in terms of who to vote for. 

"I particularly care about the education and employment problem of the transitional age youth. They are young adults, but they are still naive in mindset. They have their special needs and issues which shouldn't be ignored," said Ruffin.

Ruffin also mentioned that she didn't see much difference in the two finalists' policies, therefore she needs more time to scrutinize them to make a final decision.

Valerie Carter argued that she is so swamped by all kinds of campaign remarks and slogans that she remembers almost nothing in the end. However, she said she is still thinking of voting for Greuel  because she is a woman and might become L.A.'s first female mayor in history.

It seems that the political clout of Greuel's election bid as the possible first female mayor is much bigger among female voters than males. Almost every female interviewee who said she will support Greuel values that attribute. 

"Because Wendy is a woman. That may bring some difference," Batricia Cowo said.

Besides education, south L.A. voters also share concerns about other basic services. "Many of L.A.'s sidewalks are messed up, especially in this area. I have a hard time with them since I go out on wheel chair. Sometimes it takes you a long time to find a slope exit on a curb," said Reese Anthony.

One thing that everyone in this area seems to agree on is that the recent Jan Perry endorsement for Greuel's competitor Eric Garcetti will have little effect on who they will vote for in the upcoming May 21 runoff.

"I will make my own decision so that the one who can really help to deliver effective service can be elected," sad Ruffin.

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