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Stagecoach 2013 Day 1: What Neon Tommy Wore

Allison Selick |
April 27, 2013 | 5:17 p.m. PDT

Style Editor

Seven days after the Coachella festivities end, Indio Valley opens itself up to a weekend of southern drawls, cowboy boots and palm trees. The first day of the festival, concertgoers saw Toby Keith, Hank Williams Jr. Trace Adkins and Joe Nichols, among others, all who kept consistent with country trends. Our reporters embraced the festival style as well, wearing cool looks in the hot desert.

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Staff Reporter Cale Bouchey (Alicia Dewell/Neon Tommy)
Staff Reporter Cale Bouchey (Alicia Dewell/Neon Tommy)



Cale Bouchey- Staff Reporter

 Cale shook up his day-to-day indie style with a country look. Denim-on-denim added a down-South twist to his ensemble, while the thin fabric of the button-down allowed for sun protection without keeping in heat. Apropos to the festival's theme was a whiskey shirt- the Southern drink of choice.




Staff Reporter Alicia Dewell (Allison Selick/Neon Tommy)
Staff Reporter Alicia Dewell (Allison Selick/Neon Tommy)



Alicia Dewell- Staff Reporter/Stagecoach Photographer

 For an uncharacteristically 85 degree first day, Alicia wore a light denim button down with sheer black sleeves. Black denim on the bottom kept the outfit sleek, while a grey whiskey shirt connected this city look to country roots. A canvas tote held necessities such as suntan lotion, water and camera equipment. Oversized shades prevent sun damage to delicate under eye skin.




Style Editor Allison Selick (Alicia Dewell/Neon Tommy)
Style Editor Allison Selick (Alicia Dewell/Neon Tommy)



Allison Selick- Style Editor

Always cautious when it comes to sun damage, Allison wore a wide-brimmed cowboy hat and mustard cardigan. A light sundress kept heat at bay, while a pink, blue and yellow fabric maintained cohesion with the mustard cardigan. The pink cross body kept her hands free for dancing and brought out the pink in the dress. Suede bag tassels and cowboy boots completed this country look.





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