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MTV Suspends Production Of 'Buckwild' After Shain Gandee's Death

Jacqueline Jackson |
April 2, 2013 | 11:54 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer


Shain Gandee |  BarsToolSports
Shain Gandee | BarsToolSports
With the autopsy report on MTV reality star Shain Gandee's  due " sooner rather than later" according to Cpl. Brian Humphreys of West Virginia's Kanawha County Sheriff's Office the network reported early Tuesday that it will suspend production of "Buckwild" season two.

The show debuted in January 2013 to an audience of 2.4 million viewers which surpassed Jersey Shores debut in 2009 of only 1.4 million.  As the season continued both MTV and the viewing audience realized Buckwild was on the rise and MTV set season 2 production to begin shortly after season one.

However, the untimely death of star Shain Gandee this week has suspended production of the show without any further decision on its future. Further information into the death of Gandee, his uncle David Gandee and family friend Donald Robert Myers has yet to be released, however, more information is expected this week.

The Sheriff's report stated the position of the vehicle:


"The vehicle sat unevenly, but upright, and was partially submerged in deep mud. Mud was covering the lower part of the passenger side door of the vehicle, but the driver's side of the vehicle was above the mud," according to the sheriff's report. "The muffler of the vehicle was completely submerged in mud. The Bronco was found next to a ridgetop trail. That section of the trail itself was passable for four-wheel drive vehicles. However, the Bronco was in a mud pit next to the trail. That area is accessed by following the wooded trails for approximately one mile from Shain Gandee's residence, near Thaxton Hollow in Sissonville," according to the sheriff's report.

 According to USA Today an autopsy is expected to be completed on the reality star in the coming days. The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department in West Virginia initial report indicated that Gandee's 1984 Ford Bronco was submerged in mud only one mile from Gandee's residence.

Although an autopsy has yet to be completed People Magazine is reporting that Shain Gandee and passengers of the truck likely died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning which entered the vehicle once the truck was submerged in mud.

Fans of the hit TV show took to social media to express their emotions surrounding Gandee's death.



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