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Marathon Suspects Tied To Chaotic Shootouts in Massachusetts

Brianna Sacks |
April 19, 2013 | 1:08 a.m. PDT


(Boston Globe Front Page Screen Shot/Marc Cooper)
(Boston Globe Front Page Screen Shot/Marc Cooper)
More chaos and violence erupted near Boston late Thursday night as two young men armed with multiple guns and explosives engaged in a long, violent standoff with police, FBI and homeland security officers in Watertown, Mass., according to the Boston Globe.

Authorities say those two young men are the suspects in Monday's Boston Marathon bombings, and the Boston Police Department reported one suspect had been captured and reportedly died in the hospital. Another remains on the loose in Watertown. State police also say they are after the second suspect and no arrest has been made, according to WCBV breaking reports. Authorities have established a 20-block perimeter as they continue the search.

WCVB-TV, a Boston news station, is reporting that the first suspect taken into custody died in the hospital, though no authorities have yet to confirm.

A hail of gunfire and sirens descended on Cambridge and Watertown late Thursday night and early Friday morning, when an MIT police officer was shot and killed, and a carjacking led police on a chase into the Watertown area.

NBC News reported SWAT agents were investigating a Watertown building where multiple motion sensors went off about an hour ago

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Witnesses tweeted sounds of explosions, SWAT cars and hundred of police officers emerging to the scene. Officers were screaming about improvised explosive devices left in backpacks, according to the Boston Globe.

Peter Jennings, 33, told the Boston Globe that he was sleeping just before 1 a.m. in his home on Prentiss Street in Watertown when he was awakened by a huge boom.

“It sounded like a stick of dynamite went off,” he said. “I looked out the window, and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen – blue light after blue light after blue light.”

FBI agenta are also on the scene:

“We are aware of the situation, we are being involved, and we are monitoring,” said an FBI representative who requested anonymity because of not being authorized to speak publicly. The FBI source said early Friday it is “too early to speculate” on a relation to the Marathon bombing.

Residents were being pulled out of their homes by police as a precaution while officers combed the area for the suspects, as well as other explosives. The state police then ordered residents back into their homes as the chase deescalated and tweeted that they would be going "door by door, street by street, in and around Watertown" until the situation clears.

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Police have released new, more detailed images of the suspects.

Michael Skolnik, editor-in-chief of the Global Grind, has been live tweeting the Watertown event for the past few hours. His most recent reports say there are still live bombs in the Watertown area, though that has yet to be confirmed by authorities.

NBC News quotes law enforcement sources saying there is an "increasingly stronger probability" that tonight's outbreak from MIT to Watertown are linked to the Boston Marathon bombing, but it has not been confirmed.

Though NBC points out three main reasons point to a direct link to the marathon bombers: The FBI was reportedly already looking into the area around Watertown, one of the names released was someone the FBI was probing and a pressure cooker was found at the Watertown shootout, which was used in the creation of the Boston Marathon bombs.

Also law enforcement says Federal officials (FBI) is going to the Watertown crime scene as there is "physical and visual evidence" related to Marathon.

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