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Daily Hollywood – ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoffs, Troll Doll Movies, And More

Lilian Min |
April 12, 2013 | 12:49 a.m. PDT

Music Editor

(Daily Hollywood/Neon Tommy)
(Daily Hollywood/Neon Tommy)
“Breaking Bad” is wrapping up this summer, but it’s not the end for all of its characters. Saul Goodman, the guy you’d better call, is apparently getting his own spinoff. (Rolling Stone)

Speaking of “Breaking Bad,” this new “Simpsons” couch gag might look familiar to “BB” fans. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Jamie Foxx is creating a “horror anthology” for SyFy because why not?! (The A.V. Club)

Noooooonononononono… DreamWorks is apparently trying to make not just a Troll doll TV series, but also a Troll doll movie, happen. Because people need more nightmare fuel in their lives… (LAist)

What… Why… “Go The F*ck To Sleep,” the ever popular supposedly for children’s book, is heading to a theatre near you. (Deadline)

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