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Backlash Over Firing Of Cursing News Anchor

Briana Goodall |
April 23, 2013 | 12:06 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer


A.J. Clemente's first broadcast. (Youtube, Screenshot)
A.J. Clemente's first broadcast. (Youtube, Screenshot)
A.J. Clemente, the news anchor behind the viral video being referred to as the worst first day ever, is receiving support from viewers and industry professionals alike. 

Clemente opened his first newscast for Bismark, North Dakota's KFYR-TV on Sunday with the words "F****** s***." The new anchor says he did not realize his microphone was on when he uttered the now infamous phrase. 

The station issued an apology on their Facebook page, and Clemente announced, via Twitter, that he was fired Monday night. 

The video of Clemente's first day flub has now gone viral, and was even the entire basis of David Letterman's Monday night Top 10 list entitled "The Top 10 Signs Your First Day As A New Anchor Didn't Go Well." 

According to the Daily Mail, on Tuesday morning the station's Facebook page had been flooded with more than 1,500 comments, mostly calling Clemente's firing an over-reaction. 

"I think we're all adults and are quite capable of getting over it. It's a non-issue," wrote Bismark resident Linn Vahey Halloway. "You don't incorporate profanity in your newscasts, and everyone makes a mistake now and again, so we let them off the hook and proceed as normal. We can all have a sympathetic chuckle. (And feel a little bitter about our own goofs.)" 

Clemente's tweet. (Twitter, Screenshot)
Clemente's tweet. (Twitter, Screenshot)

"A.J. Clemente made an honest mistake and you should give him another chance. Have him give an on-the-air apology and move forward," said a man who identified himself as a managing editor for a business journal. "This world has bigger issues than someone accidentally cussing on live TV."

Even the anchors on the Today Show weighed in saying they do not believe Clemente should have been fired over this incident. The jobless anchor will appear on the show Wednesday to discuss the incident with Matt Lauer. 

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Watch the uncensored video of Clemente below. 



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