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App TwentyTwo Fosters Artist-Fan Connections With Audio Messages

Sarah Zahedi |
April 8, 2013 | 2:05 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Schwartzman, lead vocalist for Rooney, has gotten into the tech world with new app TwentyTwo. (via Wikimedia)
Schwartzman, lead vocalist for Rooney, has gotten into the tech world with new app TwentyTwo. (via Wikimedia)
While social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are permitting musicians to connect with fans via text messages, photos and videos, musician Robert Schwartzman has founded a distinctive iOS app called TwentyTwo, which gives artists the opportunity to exclusively communicate with short audio clips.

The TwentyTwo app offers a platform for users to share 22-second audio messages as to allow for more personalized communication between artists and their fans.

Why 22 seconds? 

Given that most existing audio-sharing social media networks are made for users to share longer audio clips, TwentyTwo distinguishes itself from other online communities and encourages more frequent use.

“It’s a fun amount of time to create content,” Schwartzman said.

Since the TwentyTwo community solely uses audio clips to communicate, Schwartzman said the app provides for a more meaningful, direct communication between musicians and their following.

“As much as I love being able to write a text message to update my followers, I think that kind of communication is becoming less personal “A lot of times social media companies are the voices of artists on Twitter or Facebook, so you’re not actually hearing from the people that you’re following.”

With over twelve years of experience as a touring musician with his band, Rooney, and as a solo musician, Schwartzman noted that he wanted to create TwentyTwo, as he understands the significance of a musician’s connection with their fans. 

“Over the years, it’s always been so important that I connect with fans and that people want to come out to my shows,” Schwartzman said. “It’s always been the most special, gratifying part of doing what I do.”

Schwartzman also said TwentyTwo helps artists to heighten their careers as they strengthen their connections with their fan bases.

“The most important way to have a career in music is to connect with fans and have people take an interest in what you do,” Schwartzman said. “TwentyTwo is a way for artists to build their careers as they communicate with fans.”

Schwartzman and his team of developers came up with the app in Fall 2012. The first version was approved in the iTunes app store in December 2012. Since TwentyTwo is in its early stages of development and use, updates are continuing to be made to the app. One of the newest updates to the app allows users to share their 22-second audio recordings on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

“We are getting new artists and users weekly and they’re figuring it out as the app develops,” Schwartzman said. “We want people to like TwentyTwo and feel that it has some relevance in their social media life.”

As TwentyTwo is increasing its user base, Schwartzman noted that he and his development team encourage feedback. 

“TwentyTwo is defined by the users,” Schwartzman said. “Users can record whatever they want and use the app in their own, unique way.”

Users can send feedback to [email protected] and get their questions about the app answered at [email protected].

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