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5 Shows That Deserve Renewal (And 5 That Don’t)

Reid Nakamura |
April 18, 2013 | 6:39 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

"Nashville," one of this season's few success stories, has not yet been renewed for a second season (ABC)
"Nashville," one of this season's few success stories, has not yet been renewed for a second season (ABC)

At the upfronts in just over a month, network executives are going to announce their schedules for the upcoming season, including new series and returning shows. With such little time left, the networks have already begun to decide which shows will be back in the fall and which ones are getting the axe. Fox and CBS have already announced their decisions on most of their series, but there are many still sitting on the bubble, their fates hinging on a number of outside factors.

Here’s a list of five shows that deserve another season and five shows that should be put to bed. It could be a while before we know which of these shows will live to see another day, but it’s never too soon to dream.

Bring Them Back!

1. "Nashville"
“Nashville” is a self-assured nighttime soap that never strays too far from reality, but isn’t afraid of a healthy dose of melodrama. Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton give great performances that earned them both nods at the Golden Globes back in January and widespread critical acclaim. The dynamic between their two characters is fascinating to watch and deserves a place in ABC’s fall schedule.

2. "Community"
The show may still be recovering from all the backstage turmoil, but “Community” seems to be finding its footing. This new season may be different from the quirky show it was under Dan Harmon, but it’s on the path to becoming a show worth watching and keeping on the schedule.

"Parenthood's" outstanding cast is one of its biggest strengths (NBC)
"Parenthood's" outstanding cast is one of its biggest strengths (NBC)

3. "Parenthood"
Despite being a terribly underrated show, “Parenthood” provides some of the most compelling drama and best acting on television. This season, the cancer storyline got most of the attention, but the show had smaller stories that were just as great. With loveable, if frustrating, characters, “Parenthood” brings family drama to life with a realism unmatched by any other network show.

4. "Go On"
Matthew Perry has had a few shows post-“Friends” that have failed to get off the ground, but “Go On” seems to be one of the most promising. Revolving around a grief support group, the comedy is never weighed down by its dark premise. The show is consistently funny, but the first season finale proved that it can handle the balance between hilarious and poignant with grace. A second season would allow the show to grow and give the extended cast a chance to shine.

5. "Happy Endings"
One of the few shows to successfully replicate the formula of “Friends” and translate it for modern audiences, “Happy Endings” is one of the best sitcoms on network television. The show is as good as dead on ABC, having been shuffled around the schedule until landing on Friday nights, but USA has expressed interest in rescuing the show. Looking to expand into comedy, “Happy Endings” could become a tent pole for USA, similar to the way “Cougar Town” has for TBS.


Just Let Them Die

1. "CSI: NY"/"Law & Order: SVU"/"Criminal Minds"
With over 30 seasons between them (a number that skyrockets if you include the countless other variations of the same show), the police procedural has more than had its day. People are still watching, but does anyone actually care?

"Up All Night" took a big blow with the loss of Christina Applegate (NBC)
"Up All Night" took a big blow with the loss of Christina Applegate (NBC)

2. "Up All Night"
It's nine-tenths of the way there, but “Up All Night” isn’t technically cancelled yet. After planning to retool the struggling series, NBC lost the show’s main star as well as its show runner. With plans for additional episodes this season down the tubes, all NBC needs to do is make it official.

3. "Smash"
Despite a comically bad ratings drop between its first and second seasons, the ratings for “Smash” have only gotten worse. With new episodes airing on Saturday nights, the show is getting lower ratings than “Ridiculousness” on MTV. That’s right, “Smash” is worse than ridiculous.

4. "Glee"
Some shows become a parody of themselves with time, but “Glee” seems to have done the opposite. Beginning its run as a biting satire of high school drama, the show has only become more cloyingly earnest through the seasons, recently culminating in a distasteful and ill-timed school shooting episode. But unless something seriously goes wrong in contract negotiations, “Glee” will very likely see a season four. (Update - "Glee" has officially been renewed for 2 more seasons.)

5. "The Neighbors"
A tired premise with poor execution, "The Neighbors" is just so weird. This show could go away, leaving TV viewers everywhere a little bit happier.

What shows do you think should get another season? Which shows don't deserve to be on the air?

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