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Street Artist Supports Ron Gochez For City Council

Shunqi Lin |
March 5, 2013 | 6:32 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Voters come to vote in this polling station in South Central LA on March.5 (Shunqi Lin/Neon Tommy).
Voters come to vote in this polling station in South Central LA on March.5 (Shunqi Lin/Neon Tommy).

Street artist Don Rascal Wige expressed his support for city council candidate Ron Gochez at the Avalon Carver Community Center polling station in Los Angeles Tuesday morning.

He voted for 63-year-old mayoral candidate Addie M. Miller and high school teacher Ron Gochez for city council. Wige said he didn’t pay much attention to the mayor's race, instead putting time into supporting Gochez.

“We need to stop capitalization and start localization”, said Wige. “Ron Gochez is a real deal, he has been working in the area for a long time and he is a sign for grass roots.”

Wige met Gochez in the community when the high school teacher was helping students and residents, then became a firm supporter.

“See, I am his volunteer,” Wige unzipped his hoodie and showed the ime green volunteer T-shirt he was wearing. He has made more than 10 advertising boards for Gochez.

Wige had strong opinions on this year’s election. He criticized District 9 candidate Sen. Curren Price.

“How can you do your job well if you are already campaigning for another one?” Wige asked. He then compared Price to Gochez's occupations.

Wige said that most politicians are lawyers, meaning “they don’t care about the truth but only to win the case. All they bring to us are manipulation and deception.”

Because of that, the 30-year L.A. resident hopes Gochez can make some change if he wins the election.

Wige said he voted against Measure A.

“The government cuts what we really need, which is about teachers and kids," he said. "We feel bad and then they can ask for tax increases to fix the problem. It’s just like handling a credit card.”


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