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Sequester FAQs, Jokes And Conspiracy Theories

Lauren Madow |
March 5, 2013 | 3:09 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

A while back, there was the debt ceiling debate. More recently we encountered the fiscal cliff. The latest economic catastrophe is, of course, the budget sequester.

Along with all the federal spending deadlines and disasters comes a tidal wave of information on every conceivable aspect of the situation, courtesy of the internet.

Foremost is the basic breakdown-style report: Time's "All you needed to know about sequestration, but were afraid to ask," "CNN Explains: Sequestration," and the Washington Post's "The Sequester: Absolutely everything you could possibly need to know, in one FAQ," for example.

More specific reports are detailing the ways in which it will "screw the poor," contribute to environmental destruction, hurt healthcare, America's Special Ops, women, Latinos, "cleantech," and cause a national meat shortage.

On the other hand, skeptics are reporting that the sequester is "much ado about nothing," such as Marketwatch and Matt Miller of the Washington Post

There is also no shortage of theories as to how we got in this mess. Perhaps the sequester has its roots in a 1963 tax cut implemented by President Kennedy. Perhaps it's Reagan's fault. Or else the Tea Party started it.

Either way, we have the option of learning about it from zoo animalsStephen Colbert or Dr. Seuss.

It's not just articles, blog posts, videos, and photo essays from the monkey house, of course. 

For more on budget cuts, go here.

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