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With Rick Caruso Staying Out Of Race, Woman Decides Not To Vote

Chase Cohen |
March 5, 2013 | 6:54 p.m. PST


At a USC football practice Tuesday afternoon, an overwhelming majority of fans either did not care about L.A.'s mayoral primary election or just did not like the candidates enough to vote.

“I know very little about the candidates, only what I have read about them,” said Angie Belinkoff, a USC alumni member and football season ticket holder. “I have not seen a lot of ads or heard much about anyone.”

The Encino resident has two children and is an independent contractor in the commercial real estate industry. She did not vote today because the only person she would have voted for would have been real estate developer and USC trustee Rick Caruso, who wasn’t one of the candidates.

Although Belinkoff was not “thrilled” with any of the five major candidates, if she decided on voting in this year’s election, she said her vote would have gone to Wendy Greuel because she “heard the most about her.”

Asked about Measure A, her response was quick.

“I hate measure A and hope it does not pass," she said. "This is another example of how messed up this city and state is.”

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