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Race for Los Angeles City Controller Remains Tight On Election Day

Kat Bouza, Jacqueline Jackson |
March 5, 2013 | 11:15 a.m. PST

Executive Producers

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Race for Los Angeles City Controller Remains Tight On Election Day by Kat Bouza and Jacqueline Jackson, Executive Producers

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The Los Angeles City Controller serves as both the city's auditor and chief accounting officer, making it one of the most important positions at City Hall. Controllers target waste, fraud and other forms of financial abuse by city departments.
What does the city controller really do? On tonight's show, two of the candidates debate on "Which Way L.A.?" http://fb.me/ClHDG5IxWhich Way, LA?
What types of issues would the incoming City Controller of Los Angeles face in his or her position? A recent filing by the City Controller's office subpoenaed three cell phone providers for failing to turn over copies of city phone records.
L.A. City Controller Subpoenas 3 Cell Phone Companies | News ...Jan 4, 2013 ... The companies, AT&T Mobility, T- Mobile, and Sprint, are accused of failing to comply with repeated requests to tur...
But the biggest challenge for the incoming Controller will involve addressing Los Angeles' staggering debt. Current estimates suggest the City faces a deficit of $216 million for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.
Can you balance the budget? Check out the 2013 Los Angeles Budget Challenge. http://la.budgetchallenge.orgSilver Lake Library
Wendy Greuel, the City's current controller, is stepping down from her position to run her mayoral campaign. Greuel remains one of the leading candidates in the Los Angeles Mayoral race — and a win would make Greuel the first-ever female mayor in the history of the City. Prior to becoming City Controller, Greuel served as Councilwoman for Los Angeles' 2nd District and as an Executive at DreamWorks.
Quick stop 2 smell the roses & get out the vote @ the LA Flower District. Polls open in less than 24 hrs! #LAMayor http://pic.twitter.com/2zqtsfUvkHWendy Greuel
The candidates for city controller come from a wide array of backgrounds and are taking on important tasks for the City of Los Angeles.
Attorney Ron Galperin has received several top-level endorsements as a candidate for City Controller. If elected, Galperin will make economic efficiency and infrastructure investment his top priorities.
Daily News Joins LA Times in Endorsing Ron Galperin for Controller #LAGov @LADailyNews http://conta.cc/VZoaqeRon Galperin
Business executive Cary Brazeman brought attention to the dismal state of Los Angeles' streets and sidewalks throughout his campaign.
Meet Cary Brazeman: LA City Controller 2013carybrazeman
Former LAPD officer and current 3rd District Councilman Dennis Zine told the League of Women Voters he wishes to "restore faith and trust in local government."
"Longtime public servant and councilman Zine is an ideal fit to become city controller." -LA Watts Times endorsement http://tinyurl.com/bwd9v5mDennis P. Zine
Other candidates include labor organizer Ankur Patel, disability advocate Analilia Joya, and business owner Jeff Bornstein.
Candidates took to social media to inform the public about their political agendas, the role of City Controller and the importance of voting in city elections.
Thanks to my hardworking volunteers out telling voters that Dennis Zine is the only choice for LA City Controller! http://pic.twitter.com/fTEL5fcMrSDennis P. Zine
I am running for LA City Controller to offer simple actionable solutions to combat the lack of transparency around how LA spends money.Ankur Patel
Less than 20 hours until polls open! Help us to spread the word to vote for Ron Galperin for L.A. City Controller! Looking for your polling place? Check out the link below.Ron Galperin for L.A. City Controller
But candidates also relied on traditional methods of promoting their campaigns, too. 
Candidates for L.A. City Controller @RonGalperin @carybrazeman in studio for a debate. @DennisPZine wouldn't debate http://ow.ly/i9nKvWhich Way, LA?
City Controller hopeful Ankur Patel is the latest candidate to answer our Qs http://ow.ly/i6P88 @ControllerPatelLos Angeles magazine
However, the most important endorsement in the City Controller race comes from the public. Many Angelenos relied on Twitter to share their opinions on the wide range of City Controller candidates.
@BLAYoungDems @RonGalperin The only candidate for City Controller who has detailed how L.A. can save and generate millions of dollars...Maleena Lawrence
@carybrazeman among L.A. CIty Controller candidates (vote March 5) L.A. Neighborhood Council Coalition forum #LANCC http://pic.twitter.com/dpJLCW3rr5David Uebersax
If you live in LA and are voting tomorrow, ya better be voting for Councilman Zine for the next City Controller. #councilmanknowswhatsupKelsey Hess
Even local celebrities are offering unsolicited help to the candidates in this often overlooked political race. This is Tinsel Town, after all.
[email protected] the entertainer shares political advice for Jeff Bornstein the city controller candidate http://ow.ly/ibEtmLos Angeles magazine



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