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L.A. Times Endorsements Key To L.A. Voter's Ballot Choices

M’ballu Tejan-Sie |
March 5, 2013 | 6:30 p.m. PST


Despite record-breaking spending by candidates to make their cases to voters, one Los Angeles woman still headed to the polls undecided with virtually no line in front of her Tuesday morning.

“When I voted here for the presidential election I stood in a line," said Madeleine Clayton, 69. "Today there was absolutely no one. I was the first to sign on my page."

The election will grant the city a new mayor, city attorney, city controller, and eight city council members.

In the end, she found a way to decide whom to vote for.

“Basically I followed the recommendation from the LA Times because they do analyze things, and I just didn’t find any of the mayoral candidates to be solid,” said Clayton.

The Los Angeles Times endorsed Eric Garcetti for mayor, Mike Feuer for city attorney, Ron Galperin for L.A. controller, Jose Gardea in Council District 1, Bob Blumenfield in Council District 3, Paul Koretz in City Council District 5, Felipe Fuentes in Council District 7 and David Roberts in Council District 9, Mike Bonin in Council District 11, Mitch O'Farrell in Council District 13, and Joe Buscaino in Council District 15.

In addition to candidate endorsements, the Times also said “No” to proposition A.

Proposition A is a ballot question that if approved the sales tax hike will increase by half-a-cent on the purchase of goods and services made within the city.

As she walked away from her polling place, Clayton said she is just hopeful that the city she calls home will collectively find hope in one of the mayoral candidates.

Madeleine Clayton’ s Picks
Mayor: Garcetti
City Attorney: Feuer
Controller: Galperin
District 9: Roberts

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