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Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Lineup Flops At Paris Fashion Week

Kathy Zerbib |
March 5, 2013 | 9:29 a.m. PST

Associate Entertainment Editor

Hedi Slimane's idea of "California grunge" proved to be more of a cheap stereotype (Twitpic).
Hedi Slimane's idea of "California grunge" proved to be more of a cheap stereotype (Twitpic).
In a style reminiscent of preadolescent grunge, Hedi Slimane produced a fall lineup for Saint Laurent that was unimpressive and forgettable. His inspiration, California grunge, did little to inspire and instead produced a longing for the days of yore when Saint Laurent was still Yves Saint Laurent.

Though the collection had its hero pieces, it generally fell flat of expectation. His idea of “California grunge” proves to be more of a stereotype as look after look made its way down the runway.

His models practically ran up and down the runway in mini party dresses and plain short skirts. Some of these dresses and skirts were accompanied by clashing flannel shirts, long scarves, and black tights. The standard black biker boots completed every outfit.

The collection was indeed simplistic enough for ready-to-wear, but its designs were too safe to be remarkable or, really, worth discussing. Plaid shirts, old school florals, black trench coats, and winter scarves were all not enough to hide the fact that the dresses underneath were sub-par and disappointing.

Nothing in the lineup was a particular eye-catcher. The details on certain pieces were lost in the general blandness of the whole outfit. Nothing looked like a fresh concept. Not much is left to discuss.

Kirsten Dunst, Pierre Berge, Jessica Chastain, Garrett Hedlund, and Betty Catroux were among the star-studded front row of the show.

Where can Hedi Slimane go from here? He must deviate from producing such a bland lineup in future seasons in order to start receiving more positive feedback. The baby doll dresses and sparkly disasters he showed in Paris this week are not earning him a good name.

It is most unfortunate when a designer with such a honored brand like Saint Laurent finds his collection outshined by cheaper retailers carrying the same looks he put down the runway (Yes, this is a nod to H&M)H&M. 

Click here for the complete lineup and watch the full show below.

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