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Daily Hollywood – TSwift Takes Offense, A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Tune And More

Lilian Min |
March 6, 2013 | 12:12 a.m. PST

Music Editor

(Daily Hollywood/Neon Tommy)
(Daily Hollywood/Neon Tommy)
Former Playboy bunny Holly Madison gave birth to a girl on Tuesday. (People)

Taylor Swift shot a verbal side eye to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (who made a joke about Swift’s dating habits at the Golden Globes), thereby cementing her place as the absolute worst person in the world (kidding) (…?). Poehler, to her credit, shrugged it off. (Us Weekly)

Following the footsteps of illustrious shows like “Angel,” “Community” is doing an all puppet episode later this season. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Filed under: what? Indie stalwart The Hold Steady is recording a song for season 3 of “Game of Thrones.” The tune: “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” a tune that gets a lot of play time in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. This follows the show’s trend of picking up contemporary musicians for their tunes (see The National’s chilling rendition of “The Rains of Castamere”). (EW)

It’s go time for Tony Stark in the new trailer for “Iron Man 3.” (Vulture)

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